The Butterfly Club

Botanical Design Trend

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One of the things we often get asked here at UK Curtains and Interiors is how to put things together to create a finished room design trend.

We are lucky enough to work with some amazing designers and as our most trusted readers will be aware we have been collaborating with Joanne Ibbotson Design recently who has been using our fabric in some of her wonderful interior design work.

Below you will find one trend she has been working on, inspired by some our fabrics. This features our Harris check which is one of our best selling designs; here you can get an idea of how Jo uses these fabrics and more to pull together a totally inspiring look.

“Inspired by the stunning ‘Botanical‘ fabric from UK Curtains and Interiors, this design scheme is gentleman’s club meets boutique hotel meets naturalists archive – to give a smart, stylish, eclectic look. ‘Botanical’ is reminiscent of old botanical illustrations and depicts beautifully drawn butterflies and flowers in striking shades of soft teal and charcoal to give a contemporary edge. Combine it with Harris Azure check, Shaftesbury Teal and Wildcat Aqua velvet for a fashionable, boutique hotel feel.”

Find out more about Joanne at

And for a whole lot more from us check out our website and make sure you are signed up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out on our promotions and special offers.

By Louise Dawson

Highland Collection

Introducing the Highland Collection by Prestigious Textiles

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Following on from the success of our wool look fabrics, we are pleased to announce that we have now added Prestigious’ Highland Collection of checks and stripes to our made to measure curtains and Roman blinds range. The 9 designs include statement vertical stripes, simple checks and tartans and a complementary tweed look textured plain. The colours are reminiscent of a cosy country house with sophisticated palette of Duck egg, Slate and Thistle as well as natural and more traditional reds and burnt oranges.

The signature design in this collection, Cairngorm, is a fabulous tartan check available in 8 colourways – Oatmeal, Cardinal (a traditional red and natural), Duck Egg, Slate grey, Auburn (burnt orange), Loch (a cool blue and grey), Thistle, (soft heather tones) and Moss (a contemporary green colourway).

Braemar is a striking complex vertical stripe available in Cardinal, Auburn and Thistle and also Pebble – an on trend soft grey neutral. A further stripe design Glenfinnan is also available in Cardinal and 3 further colourways – Duck Egg, Slate and Oatmeal.

Brodie is a simple but perfectly balanced multicolour pin stripe check – the stripes in the design provide accents of colour on predominantly neutral grounds. Colourways include Pebble, Auburn, Loch, Sand, Duck egg, Slate and Thistle. This design is complemented by Halkirk, a further simple check with a coloured ground available in 7 colourways and Solway, a colour woven check available in Pebble, Bracken, Loch, Moss and Thistle colourways.

If you’re interested in the Pebble colour, a further check design Shetland is also available in this colourway.

The textured plain, Harrison completes the collection and as it’s available in 10 colourways, you are sure to find the perfect choice for your scheme.

Highland Fabric Collection

Click image to view the full Highland Collection

In addition to made to measure products, designs in the Highlands Collection are available to purchase by the metre. All fabrics are 100% polyester, hardwearing and suitable for both drapery and upholstery.

Highland Room sets

The Highland Collection is ideal for drapery and upholstery.

So be inspired by the Highland look and create a warm cosy feel in your home. To order your free samples of any of the designs in this collection please visit

By Louise Randle

UK Curtains and Interiors

Easter Sale

The UK Curtains and Interiors Easter Sale

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UK Curtains and Interiors’ Easter Sale has now started. We have a huge range of superb deals and offers for you, whether you are looking for curtains, fabric, a new blind, or you want to change your home’s décor for spring!

We have a massive 10% off all readymade curtains, bedding, cushions, and throws, so you can treat yourself to a bargain, and really give your home the fresh spring look you’ve been waiting for. With the memory of winter fading fast, you don’t want your home to remind you of it – there will be plenty of time for that when the nights start drawing in and the temperatures drop again – so now is the perfect time to change it up and take advantage of our money off offers!

We also have a huge 15% off all made to measure curtains, Roman blinds, fabric by the metre, and all PVC fabrics. Can you imagine the possibilities? Do away with those heavy, dark, winter interiors and start as you mean to go on with bright, clean, new styles that match your personality and show off your rooms just how you want them.

So make your spring clean a spring change, and check out UK Curtains and Interiors super Easter sale!

By Lisamarie Lamb

Jo Ibbotson Interiors Designer

Introducing Joanne Ibbotson Interior Designer

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As we all know sometimes decorating your home can be a rewarding experience. However sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Even those of us that can normally put a room together well sometimes find ourselves faced with a room or an awkward area that we just can’t seem to find a solution for. What we need to realise is at times like this help is always at hand.

As our most loyal blog readers will already know we offer a very friendly service where our talented team can walk you through any decision that you may be having trouble making. Sometimes even the best of us need to call upon the expertise of an interior designer, someone who will come in and look at our room and offer lots of inspirational ideas.

In this amazing industry we often meet many wonderfully talented people, right now we are thrilled to be connected with the hugely inspirational interior designer Joanne Ibbotson. We have known Joanne for a number of years and have worked with her in many different ways; however after the launch of her very successful interior design company we are pleased that we can now link our services together again.

If you are in need of any interior design help check out Joanne’s website  here you will see what a talented designer she is and just how much flair she can bring to your home.

Joanne is a huge fan of UK Curtains and Interiors so we wanted to repay the compliment and introduce you our most trusted blog readers to the wonderful talents of what we at UK Curtains and Interiors consider to be one of our favourite and most inspirational interior designers!

See below for some of Joanne’s favourite fabrics available at UK Curtains and Interiors……

Click to view Our Botanical Mineral Fabric

Botanical Mineral – Click image to view

Click to view Our Velvet Stripe Mineral Fabric

Velvet Stripe Mineral – Click image to view








Click to view Our Shaftesbury Teal Fabric

Shaftesbury Teal – Click image to view

Click to view Our Harris Azure Fabric

Harris Azure – Click image to view

Click to view Our Wildcat Aqua Fabric

Wildcat Aqua – Click image to view

Click to view Our Palma Sky Fabric

Palma Sky – Click image to view

Click to view Our Ferndale Charcoal Fabric

Ferndale Charcoal – Click image to view






















By Louise Dawson

St Patrick's Day

St Patricks Day

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17th March is an important day for Ireland and the Irish. 17th March is St Patricks Day, and the patron saint of Ireland is celebrated across the world by the Irish and those who love the country this saint represents.

St Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, but that’s not where he was born. His parents were Romans – Calpurnius and Conchessa – who were living in Scotland or Wales at the time of Patrick’s birth. However, when the boy was around 14, he was captured as a slave, and taken to Ireland to herd sheep. He spent six long, hard years there before escaping home again. Undeterred, in his 30s Patrick returned to Ireland as a missionary, concerned about the treatment of Irish Christians by the rest of Britain.

Patrick used the shamrock – the national flower of Ireland – to explain the holy trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to the uneducated farmers and peasants of the country, and it soon became a powerful symbol of religion and Ireland itself. But perhaps Patrick is most famous for removing all snakes from Ireland (or so the legend goes). In truth, there have probably never been any snakes in Ireland due to the fact that the island is separated from the mainland, and has been for millennia. However, driving the snakes away was seen as symbolic since snakes and serpents were meant to represent pagans. Patrick converted thousands of pagans to Christianity during his time in Ireland, baptising them in Holy Wells that can still be seen today.

St Patrick died on 17th March 480AD, but whether in Downpatrick in Ireland or Glastonbury in England the accounts can’t be sure.

To get into the spirit of the day, why not take a look at our fabulous green fabrics? We’ve got plenty to choose from including the beautiful leaf designs such as Ferndale with its feathery texture, or Claremont in apple blossom – a fresh and innovative look for your interiors.

Click to view Our Ferndale Citrus Fabric

Ferndale Citrus – Click image to view

Click to view Our Claremont Apple Blossom Fabric

Claremont Apple Blossom – Click image to view








If you prefer your green striking and plain, take a look at our Mellow collection in Olive which is a very different and totally up to the minute colour to use. We also have gorgeous stripes (our Piper collection is stunning, using big blocks of colour to catch the eye), and hip retro designs including Dandelion and Poppy Pod.

Click to view Our Mellow Olive Fabric

Mellow Olive – Click image to view

Click to view Our Piper Lime Fabric

Piper Lime – Click image to view







Click to view Our Dandelion Eucalyptus Fabric

Dandelion Eucalyptus – Click image to view

Click to view Our Poppy Pod Eucalyptus Fabric

Poppy Pod Eucalyptus – Click image to view








Whatever you choose, always remember St Patrick’s special toast; “May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out”.

By Lisamarie Lamb

Click to view Our Green Fabrics

Click to view Our Green Fabrics

Catherine Bedding Set

Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day

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Mothers are special. The sacrifices they make, the things they have done for us, the wonderful times and unforgettable family memories they made for us. So when it comes to Mother’s Day you want to get your mum something that is just as special, and just as unique as she is.

Flowers and chocolates – as lovely as they are – just won’t cut it. But what about a new bedding set? Sumptuous and luxurious, something for your tired mum to sink into and relax in, just as she should do on Mother’s Day. Or how about new cushions so she can unwind in comfort?

Spring in is the air, so it’s time to treat your mum to something she really wants.

Click to view Flutterby Pink Bed Set

Flutterby Pink Bed Set – Click image to view

Check out our Flutterby bedding. It comes in gold or pink (perfect colours for mums – gold for their unconditional love, pink for their compassion), and even has matching cushions to give the bed even more comfort. This light, spring time bedding with its butterfly patterns and soft colouring is the ideal gift for any mother.




Click to view Annabelle Bedding Set

Annabelle Dusky Pink Bedding Set – Click image to view

Or for something completely different, we have the Annabelle or Catherine bedding collections. The Annabelle style is bold and beautiful in pink, striking in its looks and faux silk damask. The Jacquard style has a look of old time luxury about it, and no one will be able to resist falling happily into a bed covered with this beautiful fabric.




Click to view Our Catherine Bedding Set

Catherine Bedding Collection – Click image to view

The Catherine has a trailing leaf stem pattern on faux silk Jacquard, and looks gorgeous in its cream colour. It’s perfect for treating mum to some opulence in her own home.






Click to view our Blackbird Cushion

Blackbird Cushion – Click image to view

If mum would prefer cushions, we’ve got those too – take our Blackbird style, for example. Bold and unmissable, this black and white design is made to stand out.






Click to view Our Bright Butterfly Cushion

Bright Butterfly Cushion – Click image to view

Want some colour added to the mix? Then go for the Bright Butterfly or Scandinavia designs; now these are unmistakeably stylish and absolutely ideal as a gift from you to your wonderful mum.





Click to view Our Scandinavia Cushion

Scandinavia Cushion – Click image to view








By Lisamarie Lamb

Tranquil Bedroom

Get the bedroom you deserve

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The one room that really should be at its best is the bedroom, here we should have a haven of tranquillity to relieve us of the stresses of modern life and become a place where we can truly seek sanctuary.

This season the perfect palette is shades of grey. Hailed as the new natural amongst interior designers, grey has become a firm favourite for the home and creates a contemporary yet surprisingly warm feel.

Create a luxurious comfortable space that you want to spend time in, use tactile cushions and cosy throws in various shades of blue and grey, add touches of white or silver for a sophisticated crisp clean look.

You can layer the same colour in various materials to create a tonal scheme. So cotton bedding with a knitted throw and a fur cushion all in the same shade can create an ideal sumptuous feeling. Use slightly darker colours on the walls and keep the doors and woodwork in a lighter shade.

Alternatively use every shade within this colour spectrum and team it with shiny silvers used on mirrors and lamps and accessories. The overall look will be one of spender that won’t disappoint.

For more ideas why not visit our website UK Curtains and Interiors, or contact one of our In-house designers on 0845 340 4433.

By Louise Dawson

Iona Collection Traditional Interior

Introducing The Iona Collection by Prestigious Textiles

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This month we are launching a new range of fabrics which will be available on our website as Made to Measure Curtains and Roman Blinds as well as to purchase by the metre. The 7 designs which make up the Iona Collection feature watercolour leaves, stylised florals and freehand brushstrokes digitally printed on a soft chenille ground. The collection is complemented by a duo of jacquard weaves in co-ordinating colourways.

The first printed fabric in the collection, Marsella, is an expressive  floral design available in 5 colourways. This is complemented by the more traditional floral design Lucido executed in the same painterly technique and Azzuro, a loosely painted watercolour leaf design.

Abstract geometric designs Vito and Adria complete the prints in the collection which are all available in the following colourways:

Lagoon is a blue colourway combining vibrant turquoise  and cobalt blue with accents of green and yellow

Willow features a soft green palette with earthy tones of khaki, yellow and grey

Umber is a warm earthy colourway with tones of ochre, grey and burnt umber

Orchid is a striking purple colourway featuring bright purple and aubergine with highlights of cornflower blue and earthy green

Finally the Antique colourway illustrated in the room set images is a striking predominantly red colourway featuring tones of raspberry, scarlet and fuschia combined with fresh green on a neutral ground.

Vito Willow - Adria Willow

Vito Willow and Adria WillowClick to view







The final 2 designs in the Iona Collection are tapestry woven qualities which perfectly colour co-ordinate with the prints. Santorini is a fabulous flame stitch chevron weave and Piccola is a pixelated geometric trellis design – a perfect scale for upholstery and complementary cushions.

Santorini Orchid - Piccola Orchid

Santorini Orchid and Piccola OrchidClick to view







All fabrics in the collection are 100% polyester and suitable for both drapery and upholstery in both traditional and contemporary interior schemes.

Iona Collection Contemporary Interior

Contemporary layout using the Iona Collection

To order your free samples of any of these designs please visit  UK Curtains and Interiors

By Louise Randle

Click to view Our Fabric Range

Click image to view Our Fabric Range

London Design Week 2015

London Design week

Next week the most important date in any designer’s diary is London Design week. This fabulous event takes place at Chelsea harbour, and will be showcasing more than 500 brands each presenting their new collections.

This fantastic show is mainly aimed at the top interior designers and architects, with products including fabric, furniture, lighting, rugs, wall-coverings and much, much, more, this really is the best show for interior design.

Chelsea Harbour is always the most important platform for launching the country’s best design excellence, however during design week this wonderful hub of creative design influence becomes even more exciting. This amazing space has 102 showrooms with over 500 international interior brands, making it the largest of its kind in Europe.

Next week every interior designer and architect will flock to the harbour to see what new and exciting designs and concepts are being presented for the coming seasons. Each year we are spoilt beyond belief with new trends and ideas and this year will be no exception.

This year like every year the UK Curtains and Interior team will be attending. This is to ensure that we are aware of upcoming trends and can continue to keep bringing our customers up to date with every new idea, colour, and theme. It is our job to make sure that our products reflect the best of the design world which in turn ensures that our customers are never without inspiration.

After our visit this year watch out for our blog to advise you of updates and ideas taken from the show.

To check out our inspiration and latest up to date fabrics take a look at our website, always keeping you up to date with the ever changing design world.

By Louise Dawson

London Design Week 2015 Sunday 8 – Friday 13 March At Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

Click to view all Our Latest Fabrics

Click to view all Our Latest Fabrics

Embroidered Fabrics

Embroidered Fabrics

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Embroidery is an amazing skill. It is the art of decorating fabrics using just a needle and thread, and making patterns out of basically nothing. As time went on, other details also became added, such as beads, pearls, and sequins, and eventually machines could be designed that would take the back breaking work and enable it to become something that everyone could enjoy.

Embroidery goes back thousands of years. It was, in fact, an essential part of life – clothing was precious, and if a hole or tear appeared, it had to be patched up and mended rather than left to become worse (and no one would have dreamed of throwing the clothes away if they became damaged). At first the patches and mends were purely functional, but as dyes and techniques evolved, man realised that more could be done, and clothes became something to decorate, and to personalise. Fashion was born!

To illustrate just how old the art of embroidery really is, we need to travel to Cro-Magnon in Russia, and back in 1964. Here, archaeologists found a fossil of a man who had lived around 30,000 BC, and his clothes and boots were finished with fur. This fur was heavily decorated, and the stitches themselves embellished with beads made of ivory.

Embroidery continued through the ages, flourishing across the world, but particularly in China in around 3500 BC when it became something to be admired and cherished, and where embroidered clothing became a symbol of wealth. It was in the Victorian era, however, during the Industrial Revolution, that machines began to take over. At home, however, embroidery by hand was still just as popular, with fine ladies and the poorer people alike enjoying it as a hobby to while away the long evenings.

Perhaps the most famous piece of embroidery in the world today is the exquisite Bayeux Tapestry which depicts the Battle of Hastings on 1066, when William the Conqueror defeated King Harold and took the crown of England.

But there is plenty of other, more affordable, embroidered material that you can use in your own home as well – and at UK Curtains and Interiors, we’ve got everything you need to brighten up your house and make it that little bit different and special.

Lottie Charcoal Fabric

Our Lottie Fabric comes in a wide range of colours.
Click the image to view the full Lottie Collection

Try our Lottie fabric, for example. The indigo and charcoal colours set the gorgeous embroidery off perfectly, and it is a cool and elegant look for any home.






Talia Cranberry Fabric

Our Talia design is available in a number of different colours.
Click the image to view the full range.


Or for a splash of colour we have the fabulous Talia in denim and cranberry. Whether you prefer reds or blues, your choice is a good one with these cleverly embroidered fabrics.







Hanna Spice Fabric

Our Hanna design is available in a wide range of colours.
Click the image to see the full range.

The Hanna range comes in warm spice, and that is ideal for when you want to cosy up your home and bring the warmth and delicacy of a floral pattern inside.

Embroidery is an art – and art makes a home.






By Lisamarie Lamb


Click to view our Full Embroidered Fabrics Range