Botanical Butterfly

London Design Week Trends

As promised here are the design trends from London Design week.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise Trend Board

Birds of Paradise Trend Board – Click image to view our fabric collection

This is a continuation from what we saw last Autumn at the London Shows. Bird designs have been popular for several seasons now and the latest patterns feature colourful motifs such as hummingbirds, parakeets and birds of paradise with tropical foliage in bright jewel like colours – bright emerald, lime, teal, cerise and purple.

Take a look at our Kellie design in Raspberry – a beautiful intricately drawn floral toile featuring exotic bird motifs.

Feather motifs are also incredibly popular and we saw a lot of hand painted watercolour feathers printed on linen and linen/blend fabrics. This trend is already filtering down to the high street and is certain to be a key look for 2015.


Botanical Butterfly

Botanical Butterfly Trend Board

Botanical Butterfly Trend Board – Click to view our fabric collection

Another key trend for Spring 2015 are butterflies and dragonflies. Stunning use of colour and botanical details give butterfly designs a new lease of life in fabric and wallcoverings. Colourways with dark grounds make a dramatic statement and have a designer feel.

Our Botanical printed fabric really has the wow factor with it’s detailed pen and ink flower and butterfly drawing in black and white and a pop of vibrant colour. The sunset colourway in particularly stunning.


Graphic Geo

Graphic Geo Trend Board

Graphic Geo Trend Board – Click image to view our fabric collection

With a retro influence, geometric designs this season have a nod to the 80’s with patterns inspired by arcade graphics, repeating elements and crisp lines. Surprising colour combinations with a softened colour palette combined with pale grey, natural and accents of charcoal gives these geometrics a brand new identity.

Featuring a repeating geo motif our Rio printed fabric is perfect for this look.




Mark Making

Mark Making Trend Board

Mark Making Trend Board – Click image to view our fabric collection

A huge trend at Design Week, Mark Making style fabric patterns were seen everywhere – encompassing a range of different effects including tribal style decoration, random brushstrokes, shibori (tie dye), marbling and  paint splattering effects reminiscent of the work on Jackson Pollack. Generally designs feature two tones of colour – black and white or navy and white has graphic impact but use of other colours can create a softer look.

New for 2015, our Palette Printed velvet fits this trend perfectly.



As at Decorex and Focus last Autumn, textured fabrics, patterns and effects dominate and Animal skin designs are back in vogue. Reptile skin inspired patterns along with leopard, tiger and panther markings provide a whole spectrum of exciting textures.

Forget poor imitation faux furs, the latest animal skin fabrics are about sophisticated fabrics and luxurious textures and UK Curtains and Interiors have a great selection – have a look at our Wildcat, Snakeskin, Safari and Python Designs for inspiration.

By Louise Randle

The Boat Race

What Colour Will You Be Supporting This Weekend?

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This weekend is a big one for sporting events – and for colour. But what colour will you be supporting, and will it make a difference to how you watch the contests?

The first of the exhilarating sporting events to come up is the world renowned Grand National in which the finest horses and their jockeys race against one another over a gruelling four mile (three and a half furlong) course consisting of 16 difficult fences, 14 of which are jumped twice. This is the world’s greatest steeplechase, and it began back in 1839. It was the idea of William Lynn, innkeeper and entrepreneur, who owned the Waterloo Hotel in Liverpool. He was the sponsor of a flat race called the Waterloo Cup, but he knew that horse racing could be bigger and better, and he decided to lease some land at Aintree in order to test this idea out. The very first winner of what was then called the Grand Liverpool Steeplechase was Lottery. Captain Becher, another famous horse, was also running, but he fell at the water fence, and to this day it is known as Becher’s Brook.

The race’s name changed to the Grand National Handicap Steeplechase in 1847 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Grand National Race

Click image for more details on the Grand National Race

This is the one event of the year when even those who would normally never wager on sports decide to take a literal gamble and put some money down. But which horse? Which rider? Everyone has their own way of choosing; it could be a completely random pick, it could be that the name of the horse takes your fancy, or it could be the colours of the silks worn by the jockeys. Beautiful and vibrant, each one is unique and, just like our fabrics at UK Curtains and Interiors, there will be one that suits your personality perfectly.

After the Grand National comes the Boat Race, the age old battle between Oxford and Cambridge. Thousands (perhaps as many as 250,000) of people flock to the banks of the Thames to watch these teams compete and many, when asked who they want to win, will come out with the old joke answer of, “the blue team!” Why a joke? Because both teams wear blue! However, the contrast between Oxford’s deep blue navy and Cambridge’s pale duckegg shades are huge, and if choosing a winner is to do with colour preference, it seems the nation is happily split down the middle.

The Boat Race

Click image for more details on the Boat Race

The race has been an annual event since 1856 (although it first took place in 1829), apart from when it was postponed during World War I and II. The course is 4.2 miles along the River Thames, and runs from Putney to Mortlake in London. There has only ever been one draw in all the years of its existence, and Oxford and Cambridge have almost equal wins between them; Oxford has won 78 times, whilst Cambridge has won 81 times.

The event gathers around 15 million viewers on TV, and is a much loved part of the sporting calendar.

So, the big question is: what colour will you be supporting?

By Lisamarie Lamb

Window Dressing

Our Guide to Buying Fabrics

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We are often asked various questions about fabrics by our customers, so we thought we would put together this guide full of helpful tips and expert guidelines to buying the right fabrics.

Can I use the same fabric for upholstery and curtains?

Some fabrics can be versatile. For curtains the rules are pretty straight forward – as long as the fabric hangs well and feels good to the touch it should be fit for purpose. When it comes to upholstery, we need to be a little stricter. For a fabric to be suitable for upholstery it has to be more hard wearing. In the furnishings industry to class a fabric as an upholstery fabric, it will have had to pass certain tests that ensure it will withstand a certain amount of wear. These standards are usually presented on the fabric but if you are unsure, a quick call to our wonderful customer service team should answer your question quickly.

Are all fabrics fire retardant?

The answer is no. It is not industry standard for a curtain fabric that is to be used in the home to be fire retardant. If however you wanted to use a fabric for contract purposes then yes your fabric would need to meet FR standards. This can be done using an inherent yarn when the fabric is woven or in some cases for standard upholstery a back coating can be applied to the finished fabric.

What is an inter-liner?

An inter-liner is a slightly wadded piece of fabric that sits between the curtain and the lining. The purpose of this is to provide a look of complete luxury. The curtains hang better and feel incredibly sumptuous. It also provides another level of warmth.

How do I know I am selecting the right colour for my room?

This question we get asked a lot and I am pleased to say we can help you here. As you may already know, the one thing that gives UK Curtains and Interiors its unique point is the skill levels of our In-House Designers. We often get customers calling us for help in selecting the right fabric, our design team are always ready to help and after a quick chat, they will be able to understand your needs and put together a selection of samples for you to choose from. Remember we offer a free design service and can send up to 6 free samples.

How do I know what the best trends are?

Once again this is a question for our in-house design team. They visit many of the interior shows and trend seminars and we are delighted to share this information with you through our blogs and pinterest boards. If you have a question about trends, colours or design just give one of our team a call and we will be happy to help.

I can’t find a fabric to match my wallpaper?

Simply send us a swatch of your wallpaper and we will send you cuttings of fabrics that we feel are best suited to your scheme. Looking for a particular type of design, a floral for example – just call or email us with the details and we can do the rest.

I hope that answers some of your questions but  if you have more you can email us at and we will get back to you or give us a call on 0845 340 4433 for a friendly chat!

By Louise Dawson

Click to view Our Fabric Range

Click to view Our Fabric Range

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

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What are you doing for Easter? It’s a question that is being asked more and more these days, even though just a few years ago Easter was not such an opportunity to gather family together, or plan some kind of big celebration, as it is now.

Today Easter is becoming as exciting as Christmas, with decorations, presents, loads of delicious food (traditionally lamb is served in place of turkey) – especially chocolate, of course, which is delivered by the Easter Bunny, who seems to bear a passing resemblance to good of Santa Claus! – and the chance to make some spring time resolutions.

The wonderful thing about Easter is that there are four whole days of holiday to enjoy – double that of Christmas – and it gives us a chance to reflect on the year so far, and regroup to work out where we are going (perhaps literally) now that the weather is changing and the skies are staying bluer for longer.

This year, Easter, comes just after the clocks spring forward into British Summer Time, so it’s the perfect time to ‘put your eggs in one basket’ and start fresh. Make 2015 the year you change it up, the year you do something different, the year you make the most of those four precious days of Easter and that burst of optimism that British Summer Time always brings, and make your house a home to be proud of with help from UK Curtains and Interiors.

Evergreen Willow Fabric

Click image to view our Evergreen Willow Fabric

Bright and sparkling Easter fabrics include the delightful Evergreen Willow which brings the sunny springtime inside and brightens up even the darkest room.



Serenity Lavender Fabric

Click image to view our Serenity Lavender Fabric


Or what about UK Curtains and Interiors’ Serenity style fabric? These butterfly designs are beautiful and give a real feel of calm.



Tick Tock Verdi Fabric

Click image to view our Tick Tock Verdi Fabric

For something more bold, there is always the Tick Tock novelty design. The clocks may be going forward, but don’t let yourself be found behind the times – be bold, be brave, and be modern.




Whatever fabric you choose for your reinvigorated post-Easter life, you’ll love the immediate and utterly satisfying changes it brings about. Visit UK Curtains and Interiors for more ideas to freshen up your home.

By Lisamarie Lamb


How Our In-House Design Team Can Help You

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One of the things that make’s UK Curtains and Interiors stand out amongst its competitors is the fact that we have an in-house design team ready to help you.

Our team of experienced designers not only put our lovely site and products together, they are also available to help you personally. In the past they have helped solve a few of our customers dilemma’s by offering their free and friendly advice. We understand that sometimes our customers need a little extra help choosing the right fabric or colour scheme for their home.

Natalie PhotoNatalie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the world of fabrics, through her experience with a French design studio and a UK fabric supplier as their in-house designer. Natalie has a natural talent and great attention to detail when it comes to surface pattern, design and colour and can put ideas together with creative flair.





Louise PhotoLouise is a designer with more than 20 years’ experience, including product sourcing and development, fabric design, colour and design trends, and lecturing in textiles at degree level. An expert in woven fabrics and surface pattern, so definitely a great person to call for advice on your fabric choice.Every season Louise will collect information on the latest trends in fabrics and colour for the home to share with our customers.

Both designers know how to put together colours, patterns and textures to achieve a desired look and their advice can help you create your perfect scheme – no design problem is too big or too small.

So if you have chosen a wallpaper and need the perfect fabric to sit with it. A quick chat with one of our designers and maybe a sample of your wallpaper and they can do the rest.

Or perhaps you have a pre-loved piece of furniture and are unsure how it will sit in your new colour scheme? A quick photo of said furniture and our trained team can offer you a number of solutions to help you make your final decision. No question is too big or too small, sometimes we all need a little reassurance that we have made the right decision especially when making such a considered purchase.

Click image to view our Fabric Range

Here is an example of what our designers can do.
This customer wanted our design team to find a plain gold coloured fabric, that could be made into blinds to accompany the made to measure curtains she had chosen in our Esta Red fabric.

Our designers were able to send the customer a suitable match in Duchess Sand which I’m sure you will agree is a perfect accompaniment. Click image to view our full fabric range.

So don’t delay in making your decision, give us a call on 0845 340 4433 and have a friendly chat with our designers. Remember our advice is free and it may help you in making the right decision for you and your home.

By Louise Dawson

The Butterfly Club

Botanical Design Trend

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One of the things we often get asked here at UK Curtains and Interiors is how to put things together to create a finished room design trend.

We are lucky enough to work with some amazing designers and as our most trusted readers will be aware we have been collaborating with Joanne Ibbotson Design recently who has been using our fabric in some of her wonderful interior design work.

Below you will find one trend she has been working on, inspired by some our fabrics. This features our Harris check which is one of our best selling designs; here you can get an idea of how Jo uses these fabrics and more to pull together a totally inspiring look.

“Inspired by the stunning ‘Botanical‘ fabric from UK Curtains and Interiors, this design scheme is gentleman’s club meets boutique hotel meets naturalists archive – to give a smart, stylish, eclectic look. ‘Botanical’ is reminiscent of old botanical illustrations and depicts beautifully drawn butterflies and flowers in striking shades of soft teal and charcoal to give a contemporary edge. Combine it with Harris Azure check, Shaftesbury Teal and Wildcat Aqua velvet for a fashionable, boutique hotel feel.”

Find out more about Joanne at

And for a whole lot more from us check out our website and make sure you are signed up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out on our promotions and special offers.

By Louise Dawson

Highland Collection

Introducing the Highland Collection by Prestigious Textiles

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Following on from the success of our wool look fabrics, we are pleased to announce that we have now added Prestigious’ Highland Collection of checks and stripes to our made to measure curtains and Roman blinds range. The 9 designs include statement vertical stripes, simple checks and tartans and a complementary tweed look textured plain. The colours are reminiscent of a cosy country house with sophisticated palette of Duck egg, Slate and Thistle as well as natural and more traditional reds and burnt oranges.

The signature design in this collection, Cairngorm, is a fabulous tartan check available in 8 colourways – Oatmeal, Cardinal (a traditional red and natural), Duck Egg, Slate grey, Auburn (burnt orange), Loch (a cool blue and grey), Thistle, (soft heather tones) and Moss (a contemporary green colourway).

Braemar is a striking complex vertical stripe available in Cardinal, Auburn and Thistle and also Pebble – an on trend soft grey neutral. A further stripe design Glenfinnan is also available in Cardinal and 3 further colourways – Duck Egg, Slate and Oatmeal.

Brodie is a simple but perfectly balanced multicolour pin stripe check – the stripes in the design provide accents of colour on predominantly neutral grounds. Colourways include Pebble, Auburn, Loch, Sand, Duck egg, Slate and Thistle. This design is complemented by Halkirk, a further simple check with a coloured ground available in 7 colourways and Solway, a colour woven check available in Pebble, Bracken, Loch, Moss and Thistle colourways.

If you’re interested in the Pebble colour, a further check design Shetland is also available in this colourway.

The textured plain, Harrison completes the collection and as it’s available in 10 colourways, you are sure to find the perfect choice for your scheme.

Highland Fabric Collection

Click image to view the full Highland Collection

In addition to made to measure products, designs in the Highlands Collection are available to purchase by the metre. All fabrics are 100% polyester, hardwearing and suitable for both drapery and upholstery.

Highland Room sets

The Highland Collection is ideal for drapery and upholstery.

So be inspired by the Highland look and create a warm cosy feel in your home. To order your free samples of any of the designs in this collection please visit

By Louise Randle

UK Curtains and Interiors

Easter Sale

The UK Curtains and Interiors Easter Sale

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UK Curtains and Interiors’ Easter Sale has now started. We have a huge range of superb deals and offers for you, whether you are looking for curtains, fabric, a new blind, or you want to change your home’s décor for spring!

We have a massive 10% off all readymade curtains, bedding, cushions, and throws, so you can treat yourself to a bargain, and really give your home the fresh spring look you’ve been waiting for. With the memory of winter fading fast, you don’t want your home to remind you of it – there will be plenty of time for that when the nights start drawing in and the temperatures drop again – so now is the perfect time to change it up and take advantage of our money off offers!

We also have a huge 15% off all made to measure curtains, Roman blinds, fabric by the metre, and all PVC fabrics. Can you imagine the possibilities? Do away with those heavy, dark, winter interiors and start as you mean to go on with bright, clean, new styles that match your personality and show off your rooms just how you want them.

So make your spring clean a spring change, and check out UK Curtains and Interiors super Easter sale!

By Lisamarie Lamb

Jo Ibbotson Interiors Designer

Introducing Joanne Ibbotson Interior Designer

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As we all know sometimes decorating your home can be a rewarding experience. However sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Even those of us that can normally put a room together well sometimes find ourselves faced with a room or an awkward area that we just can’t seem to find a solution for. What we need to realise is at times like this help is always at hand.

As our most loyal blog readers will already know we offer a very friendly service where our talented team can walk you through any decision that you may be having trouble making. Sometimes even the best of us need to call upon the expertise of an interior designer, someone who will come in and look at our room and offer lots of inspirational ideas.

In this amazing industry we often meet many wonderfully talented people, right now we are thrilled to be connected with the hugely inspirational interior designer Joanne Ibbotson. We have known Joanne for a number of years and have worked with her in many different ways; however after the launch of her very successful interior design company we are pleased that we can now link our services together again.

If you are in need of any interior design help check out Joanne’s website  here you will see what a talented designer she is and just how much flair she can bring to your home.

Joanne is a huge fan of UK Curtains and Interiors so we wanted to repay the compliment and introduce you our most trusted blog readers to the wonderful talents of what we at UK Curtains and Interiors consider to be one of our favourite and most inspirational interior designers!

See below for some of Joanne’s favourite fabrics available at UK Curtains and Interiors……

Click to view Our Botanical Mineral Fabric

Botanical Mineral – Click image to view

Click to view Our Velvet Stripe Mineral Fabric

Velvet Stripe Mineral – Click image to view








Click to view Our Shaftesbury Teal Fabric

Shaftesbury Teal – Click image to view

Click to view Our Harris Azure Fabric

Harris Azure – Click image to view

Click to view Our Wildcat Aqua Fabric

Wildcat Aqua – Click image to view

Click to view Our Palma Sky Fabric

Palma Sky – Click image to view

Click to view Our Ferndale Charcoal Fabric

Ferndale Charcoal – Click image to view






















By Louise Dawson

St Patrick's Day

St Patricks Day

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17th March is an important day for Ireland and the Irish. 17th March is St Patricks Day, and the patron saint of Ireland is celebrated across the world by the Irish and those who love the country this saint represents.

St Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, but that’s not where he was born. His parents were Romans – Calpurnius and Conchessa – who were living in Scotland or Wales at the time of Patrick’s birth. However, when the boy was around 14, he was captured as a slave, and taken to Ireland to herd sheep. He spent six long, hard years there before escaping home again. Undeterred, in his 30s Patrick returned to Ireland as a missionary, concerned about the treatment of Irish Christians by the rest of Britain.

Patrick used the shamrock – the national flower of Ireland – to explain the holy trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to the uneducated farmers and peasants of the country, and it soon became a powerful symbol of religion and Ireland itself. But perhaps Patrick is most famous for removing all snakes from Ireland (or so the legend goes). In truth, there have probably never been any snakes in Ireland due to the fact that the island is separated from the mainland, and has been for millennia. However, driving the snakes away was seen as symbolic since snakes and serpents were meant to represent pagans. Patrick converted thousands of pagans to Christianity during his time in Ireland, baptising them in Holy Wells that can still be seen today.

St Patrick died on 17th March 480AD, but whether in Downpatrick in Ireland or Glastonbury in England the accounts can’t be sure.

To get into the spirit of the day, why not take a look at our fabulous green fabrics? We’ve got plenty to choose from including the beautiful leaf designs such as Ferndale with its feathery texture, or Claremont in apple blossom – a fresh and innovative look for your interiors.

Click to view Our Ferndale Citrus Fabric

Ferndale Citrus – Click image to view

Click to view Our Claremont Apple Blossom Fabric

Claremont Apple Blossom – Click image to view








If you prefer your green striking and plain, take a look at our Mellow collection in Olive which is a very different and totally up to the minute colour to use. We also have gorgeous stripes (our Piper collection is stunning, using big blocks of colour to catch the eye), and hip retro designs including Dandelion and Poppy Pod.

Click to view Our Mellow Olive Fabric

Mellow Olive – Click image to view

Click to view Our Piper Lime Fabric

Piper Lime – Click image to view







Click to view Our Dandelion Eucalyptus Fabric

Dandelion Eucalyptus – Click image to view

Click to view Our Poppy Pod Eucalyptus Fabric

Poppy Pod Eucalyptus – Click image to view








Whatever you choose, always remember St Patrick’s special toast; “May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out”.

By Lisamarie Lamb

Click to view Our Green Fabrics

Click to view Our Green Fabrics