Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving. It’s a word – a holiday – that everyone in the UK is aware of thanks to American TV shows and movies. It is from those media that we have been made to understand that Thanksgiving happens before Christmas, that it involves a huge amount of food (including some tempting turkey dishes and some rather interesting pies), and that it is when American families get together to celebrate.

But celebrate what exactly? And why?

This huge national holiday does not have a set date, but rather is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. It’s not an ancient holiday like Christmas – it has only actually been part of the annual calendar since Federal legislation was passed in 1941 – but it has been taken to the nation’s heart, and is for many Americans a more important day than the festive period that follows hot on its heels.

Thanksgiving was all about giving thanks for the bountiful harvest that had grown during the summer. Although farmers and food producers still recognise its original heritage, most Americans now view it as a day to share home cooked meals (turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and a plethora of other treats and delicacies which differ from state to state), spend time with one another, and watch football on TV.

There are also a number of annual – and famous – parades up and down the country, with the most well-known bring the Macy’s parade in New Your City. It only lasts for 2.5 miles, but over that small distance an average of two to three million spectators line the streets.

Just as Boxing Day and its fantastic sales follows Christmas Day in the UK, Black Friday and its incredible bargains is the day after Thanksgiving. This marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, with many people waiting until this day before they even think about purchasing anything for their friends and family. The discounts offered on pretty much everything on Black Friday are huge, and can be up to 75% or more on normally pretty pricey items such as electrical goods and accessories. Shops often open at 4 or 5am (some even open at midnight), and the queues literally stretch around the block.

And increasingly, the UK’s shops are beginning to drop their prices on Black Friday too. So although we miss out on the turkey and pie, we are able to save a fortune on all manner of things.

If you don’t fancy queuing for hours, or leaving your warm bed at silly o’clock to do so, you can still grab a bargain – at UK Curtains and Interiors we are offering a huge 20% Off all our products to say thanks for being such great customers all year round. Come and browse online and beat the crowds!Black Friday Sale

By Lisamarie Lamb


UK Curtains and Interiors Christmas Cushion Ideas 2014

Ready for the spirit of Christmas?

Here at UK Curtains and Interiors, we are already getting ready for Christmas. It’s such an exciting time of year, and although the dark nights make us feel less inclined to do anything, there really is something heart-warming about writing our Christmas to do lists and deciding what presents to buy.

There is such a lot to think about, but what better time to get creative. Christmas is an ideal time to give your home a makeover! There is so much inspiration around us and Christmas is usually when we spend a lot of time in our homes enjoying the company of family and friends. We all want our interiors to look great and inviting! So, if you are re – designing your interior now is the time to place your order for made to measure products to ensure you have your new interiors ready to impress your guests!

For a quick seasonal update, use cushions to add some festive cheer at minimal cost. Visit our website to see our new range of Christmas cushions for 2014.

How about dressing your ChristmChristmas Fabrics Ideal for Craftas table using homemade mix and match napkins produced from various different fabrics? First choose a colour scheme – it doesn’t have to be the traditional Christmas colours of red and green. Select a simple plain fabric for the tablecloth and then a combination of different co-ordinating patterned fabrics to produce place mats, napkins and chair covers. The overall effect is stunning and the idea can be re-visited throughout the year, using a different selection of fabrics for other occasions such as Easter.

One of our designers has recently been inspired by new concepts for making gift wrapping really unique. For example, you can wrap your gifts in fabric and tie with a co-ordinating ribbon. This is a completely recyclable way of wrapping presents and therefore less costly over time. With so much choice of fabric you can mix and match and create a really personal gift.

At UK Curtains and Interiors, we sell fabric by the meter so what better way to get festive and creative at the same time and really personalise your home and your gifts this season.

By Louise Dawson


Velvet Crush

Give Your Home The Velvet Touch This Winter!

The moody winter weather is settling in for the long haul. There might even be snow. But what’s the problem with all of that? As long as you’ve got some sweet treats, some books, some loved ones, and some fabulous velvet interior fabrics, you can snuggle up to and feel as cosy as anything, never mind what the world outside is doing.

If you want to add some well-earned luxury to that heady mix of cosy comforts, then why not decorate with velvet? It’s soft and warm, deep and decadent, and it makes quite the statement, giving your home the opulent, sumptuous look of a gorgeous winter palace. The Snow Queen will have nothing on you and your interior design plans!

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to making your home a grand yet snug place to be through the winter, don’t worry. At UK Curtains and Interiors we’ve got everything you could possibly need to get going.

Take our Rossini velvet fabric, for example. Whether you want warm, russet colours (there’s the Rossini spice or copper for that), deep, dark ones (jet or plum will work wonderfully for you), or something light and dainty (linen, jade, or orchid perhaps), the Rossini fabric will set your home off perfectly. The velvet texture is eminently touchable, and you – and your guests – will love the feel of it. It hangs beautifully too, and will keep you warm and happy all winter long.

Or there is the Velvet Stripe fabric. Just as comfy and cosy (and expensive looking) as the Rossini, the Velvet Stripe has an added bonus feature of a striped pattern, drawing the eyes and keeping it there to admire your interior design skills. Available in a range of autumnal colours (Spice, Dijon, amethyst, and berry to name a few), you’ll be able to kick back and relax in your perfectly decorated (throne) room.Velvet Stripe Mineral, Ebony, Amethyst, Sorbet





The Milan is another exceptional choice of velvet fabric. This textured velvet design comes in all the stunning autumn and winter shades you could want (such as chocolate, sorbet, grape, and midnight), and it will keep the cold at bay as it wraps you in a snug cocoon of luxury and comfort. Gorgeous!Milan Midnight, Grape, Chocolate, Sand





By Lisamarie Lamb


Moody Mauves

Designers colour of the month – Moody Mauve

As the nights draw in and the days become cooler we naturally start to think of the new season – it’s time to revisit our winter wardrobe and pull out our warm sweaters and get inspired by our designers colour of the month.

Warm / Muddy tones are back in Vogue this season. In home furnishings our designers said, purple is the key to this trend as it takes on a darker palette with deep shades of aubergine, grape and deep purple teamed with softer greyed off mauve. These colours work beautifully with warm neutrals, soft greys and silvery metallic tones, perfect for creating atmosphere, drama and Elegance in our homes. This palette works especially well for transforming bedrooms into moody, sophisticated spaces.

Moody Mauve Fabrics

Liven up your deep purples with splashes of brighter shades. Our designers suggest, Radiant orchid is a perfect colour complement – Pantone colour of the year 2014 is still very much around for 2015 but is being used more as a highlight to the deep moody purples.

Our designers say that texture play’s a pivotal role in the perceived colour of a fabric – great at adding depth and movement to a plain. At UK Curtains and Interiors we have a wide range of textured plains to help capture this “Moody Mauve” scheme. Tatton and Rossini are our designers’  top picks.

Tatton is a versatile textured chenille at an unbeatable price! Check out our purple shades including Aubergine, Grape and Mulberry.

Rossini is a beautiful  velvet  with a lustrous shine and a wonderful tactile appeal so if you want to splash out check out Rossini’s great range of Purple tones: Blueberry, Plum and Orchid. With Such choice you are sure to find the perfect colour for your home.

Freya, Monet, ImpressionIf you don’t want to go too deep and dark – freshen  the look up with soft painterly prints on lighter, fresher grounds.  Mix your dusty mauves with deep blush pinks to create a softer, more feminine feel.  Look out for our Freya, Monet and Impression designs printed on a velvet ground which we will be launching on our website soon.

We are constantly updating our product range so you can be certain we will always have fabrics to fit in with the latest colour trends. If you are not sure of the exact shade you are looking for, make use of our free sampling service and order swatches of different  fabrics within a colour area so you can see exactly how the  various tones of a colour work in your interior.

By Louise Randle


Children in need 2014

Help Support Children In Need

BBC’s Children In Need charity telethon celebrates 34 years of fundraising this month and promises to be another fun-packed evening of entertainment featuring popular celebrities. Get into the spirit of the annual event by making a donation that benefits UK children’s charities. To date the Children In Need appeal has raised over £740 million. The generous donations fund over 2,600 projects for children and young people and support local charitable organisations in the UK.

Raising Awareness

First broadcast as a charity telethon in 1980, the Children In Need appeal was initially hosted by Terry Wogan with Sue Lawley and Esther Rantzen. The event captured the public’s imagination and saw the donations increase dramatically every year, eventually breaking the million pound mark. The BBC’s first ever appeal for children, which was broadcast on the radio on Christmas Day in 1927, raised £1,143 18s 3d.

Long-standing host Terry Wogan remains the telethon’s main presenter and over the years has been joined by a diverse line-up up of famous faces including Joanna Lumley, Sue Cook, John Craven, Andi Peters, Gaby Roslin, Natasha Kaplinsky and Fearne Cotton.

Pudsey Bear

The official Children In Need mascot made his television debut in 1985. Cuddly Pudsey Bear was created by BBC designer Joanna Ball and is named after the town where she was born, in West Yorkshire. Spotty bandaged Pudsey was originally brown but was given a distinctive bright yellow revamp after his first telethon appearance. The lovable mascot receives letters, drawings and e-mails from youngsters all over the UK and is regularly photographed with famous celebrities.

Brightening Up Your Child’s World

The Children In Need charity telethon annually raises social awareness and funds for disabled and disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. If you have young children why not revamp their bedroom with bright, bold, spotty and patterned fabrics that celebrate lovable Pudsey’s unique style?

By Anna Pink


Poppy appeal 2014


The beautiful red poppy is the universal symbol of remembrance. Traditionally, the nation wears a paper poppy to show their support for not only those who died, but those who are still fighting today.

The poppies were first worn in 1921, when artificial poppies were made by ex-servicemen (which gave them an income) and the money from their sale went to fund others who were not so fortunate as to have work. Eventually, the British Legion was set up and took over the making of the poppies. The money made from them each year goes to help serving and ex-servicemen and women when they are in need. It also funds a number of charitable projects. Here at UK Curtains and Interiors we want to persuade everyone to wear their poppy with pride.

But why limit your support to one day or one month? Remembrance Day is 11th November, but if you want to keep the memory of those who have sacrificed so much all year round, why not do it with some gorgeous fabrics?

Scarlet Red

Take a look at our Scarlet Red Poppy Floral readymade curtains – suitable all year round with its bright red floral pattern and its full lining, these stunning curtains are eye catching and attractive, and will certainly make a statement wherever you hang them.


Faye RedIf you want something a little more subtle (but just as beautiful), then the Faye Red Poppy fabric would suit perfectly. Its delicate design is a testament to remembrance, but the deep red on cream colouring is perfect for any room, any time of the year.


JanieSpiceFor something a little different, a little modern, but just as gorgeous, UK Curtains and Interiors has the Janie Spice Bedding Set. Simple yet stunning, this set depicts a poppy field that is bright and light enough for spring and summer, yet the colours would make an autumn or winter bedroom warm and cosy.


Esta RedFinally there is the Esta Red floral fabric. Reminiscent of a watercolour painting, there is a simple beauty about this pattern. Gold and red are the dominant colours, and the whole thing really stands out as a piece of art as well as a wonderful way to decorate your home.



As Laurence Binyon’s famous “For the Fallen” so eloquently states; “At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we shall remember them”.

By Lisamarie Lamb


blackpool illuminations lead pic

Blackpool Illuminations

Nostalgia at its best

So as the nights draw in and the days get shorter and we cosy in at home our childhood memories come flooding back. For me the one that I remember best is the Blackpool Illuminations, now a mother myself it’s a must that my children have the same experience and I try and install those very same memories. This year was no exception as we bundled into the car and headed off in search of bright lights.

On arrival into Blackpool we park up and take in the evening air, the first tradition that cannot be changed is fish and chips by the seaside. At this time of year the sea is wild and the wind is biting, but we are wrapped up warm and hardly notice the chill as we tuck into our fish and chips.  We finish right on time to see the lights switch on and we gasp at what Blackpool has to offer.

We walk along the promenade as I have done every year since I was a child, I am cajoled into buying an overpriced plastic flashing toy, the children squeal and wave them around as does every other child that we pass. The familiar smells of Blackpool fill the air and are accompanied by the noise from the amusement arcades that we walk past. For a child it’s a wonderland of fun and excitement, but once the Blackpool Illuminations are switched on even the grownups cannot help but fall back in love with the time forgotten seaside attractions.

Half way along the cold starts to set in and we feel it may be time to head back to the car and drive under the remaining illuminating lights, as I once did as a child. The lights this year are the same as every year bright and flashing, holding a nostalgia that keeps us returning year upon year. Each year they are slightly updated by whatever current trend has taken place, and this year is no exception showcasing the popular children’s television programme Sophia the First, much to my daughters delight.

Blackpool TramsThe illuminated trams and brightly lit horse drawn carriages pass by us each one more delightful than the previous one. This year as the illuminations hits its centenary, the traditional rocket tram has been refurbished and takes pride of place on the promenade.

Eventually we near the end and the car goes quiet as the children settle down for a sleepy ride home. For me it’s just as magical watching it through their eyes and remembering my own childhood experience, of snuggling up in the back of the car watching the lights go by.

With only a few weeks left of this annual event I recommend you take the opportunity to visit Blackpool and experience the extravagant lights. As nothing gets you more prepared for winter and the need to cosy up at home, it somehow doesn’t seem so bad that summer is over and I am now ready for winter and all that it has to bring.

Winter is a time spent mostly at home and I want mine to be warm cosy and ready to instil my children with happy childhood memories. So with that in mind I turn my thoughts to updating my home and making mine a cosy winter palace. Maybe I can take inspiration from the Blackpool Illuminations and decorative lavishly, with embellishments that twinkle just like the lights.

by Louise Dawson


An Explosion of Colour

Gun Powder, Treason and Plot – Explosion of Colour!

Take visual inspiration from Guy Fawkes’s celebrated event of gun powder, treason and plot, by giving your living space a dramatic explosion of colour. Whether your living room simply needs a splash of vibrant colour to liven up your comfort zone, or a mix of beautiful contrasting graphic prints to inject some contemporary styling inspirations, the below stunning sophisticated collections from UK Curtains and Interiors have exactly what you need.

Pablo BerryComfort Zone

Lift the look of a tired sofa or armchair by adding a few eye-catching cushions in an assortment of striking colourways and dramatic retro graphic patterns such as our Pablo design for an instant transformation.

Nyala JuiceGo bold with geometric prints like our Nyala design, which is ideal for partnering with plain colours and for layering over contrasting designs for a personalised look that is distinctive and funky.

Choose from rich shades of beautiful berry, damson, or juice to create a classic contemporary customised corner in your home.


our Pablo, Nyala, Paloma and Sylvie designsWindow Dressing

Classic stripes are timeless and traditional and perfect for adding designer detail to windows. Upgrade your window dressing, style up displaying floor length curtains that showcase elegant vertical bands of alternating colour to effectively highlight a focal point in your room. The prominent striped fabric of our Pierre design boasts thick and thin regimental inspired stripes in an organised selection of cheerful colours to brighten up those dark days.

Sylvie HyacinthAttention To Detail

Adding a riot of colours, and patterns like our Sylvie or Paloma designs makes a room welcoming and inviting and also brings your interior fashion sense bang up to date. Transforming your home season to season is quick, easy and inexpensive when you incorporate soft furnishings and fabrics to upgrade pieces of furniture and paintwork.

A Paloma Damsonstylish scattering of square, bolster and pillow shaped cushions and a versatile and practical throw can fire up a living room, home office or bedroom with minimum effort. Think like Guy and be inspired to set off an arresting display in your home this Fireworks night.

By Anna Pink


Are you afraid of the dark

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

With the shops full to over flowing with pumpkins, witches hats, and ghoulish costumes, it occurred to us that, actually, all those burnt oranges and purples, those deep, dark reds and blacks, far from being terrifying shouldn’t be shied away from. They should – and can – be used to great effect in your home, all year round. So are you afraid of the dark?

Not every home needs to be light and airy, and if you prefer darker shades Halloween is the perfect opportunity to look around for some sensational autumn into winter inspiration. Get the atmosphere right using fabrics and colours, and you might be rather surprised at just how cosy the creepy days can be.

Take our velvet fabrics, for example. Thick, heavy, and luxurious with a hint of the decadent behind it, this is the ideal texture to add mystery and that gothic air to your home. Our Rossini spice plain velvet is a subtle mix of pumpkin orange and another deeper, redder shade that blend wonderfully to give you just the right mix of fruity fun when you want to make a definite dramatic statement. This is absolutely what Dracula himself would use in his castle…

Are you afarid of the dark

Our silk and satin fabrics are just as impressive, and come with a lighter, luxurious side. The shine on these materials conjures up images of flickering campfires where scary stories can be told as the flames crackle and burn. Beautifully evocative and utterly mesmerising, the silk and satin look is in. Why not check out our Duchess plain fabric? It comes in all the Halloween shades you could want, including spice, black, red, and mauve. Or what about Windsor Stripe? With this gorgeous material you don’t just get one beautiful haunting colour, but two to really stand out from the crowd.

Textured chenille is the ultimate in comfort fabric. Heavy and warming, it looks and feels great, and will certainly take the chill off a Halloween night (or any other night, come to that!). We’ve got a number of examples of charming chenille, including our textured Kasuri range (in aubergine, ebony or garnet for the best in gothic thrills) which you won’t want to stop stroking, and the DaVinci damask fabric, which is available in a range of beautiful dark colours such as purple, slate, and raspberry against a gorgeous wheat background.

Who says Halloween only comes once a year? Keep the spirit all winter long with these sumptuous fabrics. And don’t be afraid of the dark…

By Lisamarie Lamb


UK Curtains Title

Need Help? Why Not Ask Our Designers!

For some of us the thought of updating our home seems a challenge too far. The idea of choosing colours and patterns can seem far too extreme and leave you in a panic! Or maybe you know what you want but just need a second opinion or reassurance that your chosen colours or designs work well together before parting with your hard earned cash. Whatever the case, why not speak to one of our talented designers.

Our design team constantly researches the interior market, they visit all the relevant interior design shows and regularly attend trend seminars. With a wealth of knowledge and plenty of design projects already undertaken they can assist in any situation.

Looking for a cheaper alternative……..

Send us a swatch of the fabric you like and we will find something similar at a competitive price.

Trying to match a fabric to your existing scheme…..

If you supply us with a cutting of your wallpaper or a sample of your paint colour we can find a fabric to sit with it perfectly.

Can’t find what you are looking for on our website……..

We have access to such a wide range of fabrics that we simply cannot fit it all on our website but don’t despair as we may be able to source a fabric to match for your specific requirements.

Need advice on putting together your interior scheme……..

From what type of window dressing would suit your room to which type of fabric or design is best suited to your soft furnishings, we will be happy to help.

So whatever your dilemma and whatever your budget our design team are on hand with the help and advise you need to achieve your perfect look, we are here to help.

Contact us now on 0845 3404433 or via our contact us page, and we will happily assist you in whatever way we can.

By The Team at UK Curtains and Interiors