Ramsbottom festival

It’s all about the Ramsbottom Festival

At this time of year in the small village of Ramsbottom, all anyone can talk about is The Ramsbottom Festival. Now in its fourth year the annual event is becoming bigger and better than ever before.

The festival takes place from Friday 19th September until Sunday 21st September and welcomes all ages. Each evening as the night draws in the crowds will gather around the main stage whilst various acts will entertain. The line up this year is  pretty cool including blast from the past band The Levellers and Soul to Soul. There are many drinks tents and food stalls to keep you going so there is no reason not to come every day for the full day. The entertainment is sure not to disappoint.

During the day there are various acts including shadow theatre and circus entertainment and this year will see the introduction of a fantastic collection of 3D sculptures of animals, birds and magical creatures and objects designed and painted by children from local schools and community groups.

The Festival provides a relaxed atmosphere, amongst friendly surroundings. For anyone looking for a weekend with a difference this is definitely the place to be. If you do want to leave the festival the beautiful idyllic village of Ramsbottom has plenty to offer to keep the tourist interested.

To read more about the festival click here.


by Louise Dawson


Sale Time

Doesn’t everyone love a sale? Here at UK Curtains and Interiors we understand how much we brits love a bargain and certainly have plenty of opportunity to shop for a bargain at our exclusive sale that must end soon so make sure you take advantage.

Our offers are sure to brighten up your home and what’s more you can do this from the comfort of your own home! Who wants to face the hustle and bustle of a high street in order to grab yourself a bargain when you can snuggle down at home and take as long as you want to peruse your favourite items and make a decision in your own time. There really is no need for a rushed decision.

We have ensured you will not miss out and get the desired product you want at a great knock down price, but remember all good things must come to an end and our sale is no exception. So don’t be disappointed, check out our website today and make sure you grab yourself a bargain.


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Happy shopping!


by Louise Dawson


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New Bedding to gently Cradle you to Sleep

Here at UK Curtains and Interiors we are strong believers that a great night’s sleep starts with a great looking bed. If you are looking to revamp your own boudoir then look no further, and allow us to introduce you to our three new bedding ranges that are sure to cradle you into a deep and sound sleep.

Make a style statement with our Martina range, which features a striking red floral pattern. Florals have been a strong fashion and design trend this year, and are definitely going to be sticking around for awhile. Our Martina range perfectly combines a striking pattern, with strong colour. Red is the colour of passion, and will be sure to lend a feeling of glamour and luxury to any bedroom.

Our Flutterby range is pretty as a picture, and features a butterfly and postscript design in gold and pink. This range would suit a true princess at heart, with a desire for anything sweet and feminine.

Our Emelina range is graceful and soft, and features a delicate, vintage style floral pattern in duck egg blue and rose. Pastel colours have made a huge comeback this year, and no colour palette works better to instantly bring a sense of calm and peace to a room. Our Emelina range is certain to send you softly to dreamland and what’s better – this range is also available with coordinated accessories to complete the look.

If you like these bedding ranges then discover out whole collection of styles by visiting our website. You are sure to find something that will make you wish bedtime was sooner!

by Annabel Keshishian



New Bedding Range

New Bedding Range

Common wealth games

2014 Commonwealth Games: Come on England!

We may have been sadly knocked out of the World Cup, but don’t put your flags away just yet. England now has a chance to shine once more in the multitude of events that make up the Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. The first event was held in 1930, and, with the exception of 1942 and 1946 which were cancelled due to World War II, the Commonwealth Games have taken place every four years since. The Commonwealth Games are currently the fourth largest multi-sport event in the world, after the Olympic Games, the Asian Games, and the Maccabiah Games.

This year’s feel-good opening ceremony, which took place on Wednesday night in Glasgow, featured tartan-clad performers, giant spinning tea cakes and a huge kilt. There are a whopping 71 participating nations at the 2014 Commonwealth Games with approximately 4,950 competing athletes, making it one of the largest commonwealth games staged to date.

The Games will feature 17 sports across 11 days, beginning on Thursday, and is a must-see for anyone who loves watching sports, or who is simply patriotic.

Wishing you the best of luck England!

by Annabel Keshishian


Happy Birthday Prince George

Happy Birthday Prince George!

Here at UK Curtains and Interiors we would like to wish Prince George a very happy first birthday! What a milestone!

Prince George was born at 4.24pm on July 22nd 2013, and as the future heir to the British throne – he has had the eyes of a nation on him since his eventful birth. For someone who can’t even feed himself yet, he certainly has a long way to go before he takes the throne!

Not only is Prince George the cutest member of the royal family, his parents beautiful wedding and his subsequent arrival have been hugely important in gaining the country’s interest back in the royal family, and bringing the nation together in celebration and patriotism.

To celebrate this very special royal occasion, we are going regal, and our collection of fabrics are sure to give your home the royal treatment.

In terms of fabric textures – we have the finest, luxury fabrics available in lavish velvet’s, characteristic chenille’s, soft cottons and classic linens. A regal interior design look is all about balancing sumptuous luxury with a classic, clean design. Our fabrics in checks, stripes and damasks are traditionally British, affordably priced and are never going to go out of style. They can also be mixed and matched if you prefer a more contemporary look.

For a truly regal style, the only fabric colours to pick are royal blues, dusky purples and gold. Blue is certainly the colour of the season, and a touch of gold will ramp up the luxury without looking too in your face. Purple is a fantastic colour to provide some richness and interest into your decor.

If you want to feel like a king or queen in your home, then have a look at our website for the full collection. We are sure that Prince George would approve!

by Annabel Keshishian


Fabrics sold by the metre

Fabrics sold by the metre

colour of the month Turquoise

Colour of the Month – Turquoise

If you are lucky enough to be off on a jolly summer holiday this year, you will most likely be looking forward to miles of turquoise seas and azure skies. For those of us who are unfortunate enough to be spending our summer in our less than exotic homeland; never fear. With a splash of turquoise you can turn your home into your own holiday destination, and can feel like you are in the Caribbean all year round.

Turquoise is a vibrant blue-green colour that is a must-have for summer 2014, and is proving to be a huge and lasting colour trend in the interior design community. It is a friendly, lively and happy colour that is known to inspire creativity, recharge your energy levels and uplift your mood. A more muted and soft tone is also a calming colour, and is known to refresh and sooth during times of stress.

Turquoise can be trickier to use in your home decor than darker blues such as navy, but like most things that are harder to pull off, when done right this vibrant hue creates a truly eye-catching look full of personality.

The good news is that this colour is extremely versatile. It comes in a range of hues and tones, from bright and bold, to soft and muted. It can be used in a classic blue and white/neutral combination for a timeless and traditional look. It can also be paired with orange for a much more vibrant and livelier effect.

If you are slightly hesitant to use turquoise in your decor, start with baby steps and use it in your home furnishings and accessories. If you are more daring when it comes to interior design, try using this colour as a backdrop, or mix and match various tones together for a layered effect full of dimension and interest.

by Annabel Keshishian


Fabrics sold by the metre

Fabrics sold by the metre

Cool picks for teens

Ideas for decorating a teenager’s bedroom

Oh to be 16 again – that special age where the future is laid out before you, where possibilities seem endless, and you begin that journey of true self discovery and independence.

Unfortunately, decorating a teenager’s room can be tricky due to this exact predicament – who knows what your teenager will do in the coming years? A teenager may be gearing up for the future but it by no means they are ready or prepared, and it is highly unlikely that either of you will know what the future holds.

When redecorating a teenager’s bedroom it is important to be realistic, and remain adaptable. They may be off to University for three years, but then might move home again for a long time to save up for a deposit on a flat, or to find a job. Or you could find that once they leave for University they’ll be gone for good (though they may conveniently remember to visit when they want some home cooking or laundry done).

Keep this in mind, and where possible try to decorate the room with the thought that it may need to transform quickly from a teen’s bedroom, to a spare room or even another type of room entirely – like a study or television room.

A great tip is to have has many storage options available as possible. Not only do teenagers accumulate a mind-bogglingly amount of stuff, but even when they move out they will most likely leave most of it behind, and it may take them awhile to downsize and throw things away.

Before you begin redecorating it is always a good idea to try downsizing their belongings as much as possible. Take a weekend together to sort through their clothes and belongings and be ruthless in getting rid of childhood items. This is a job that will need doing anyway so you might as well get this dreaded task out of the way.

When it comes to choosing furniture options, invest in a larger bed. Your teenager will appreciate the space to lounge around in, and you will be on your way to making the room suitable for a guest room later on down the road. Also invest in furniture that is multi-purpose such as a bed or window seat with hidden storage. You seriously can’t ever have enough storage options!

Make sure to include a suitable study space for all that last minute A-level cramming sessions. This will give them no excuse to skive off studying, and you won’t find your kitchen or dining table constantly strewn with books and papers.

Also, when planning to decorate a teenager’s room – try to make the room stylistically flexible. Listen to want your teenager wants, but also remember that as the bill payer of the house you have the authority to make the final design decisions. Teenagers will be at an age where they where their taste’s and desires are constantly changing.

They may want a room with hot pink walls, but it’s always better to use neutral colours as a backdrop, and accessorise using adaptable furnishings and fabrics. Colourful, curtains and bedspreads are far easier to change then the colour scheme of a room. To prevent your walls from suffering any long-term damage buy a large corkboard for your teenager to pin up their posters and photos.

by Annabel Keshishian


Fabrics sold by the metre

Fabrics sold by the metre

Modern Contemporary interior

Simple Ways to Create a Contemporary Style Living Room

Contemporary décor is extremely popular at the moment; this is mainly down to the streamline aesthetics that it creates. With the living room being the most seen room in a property, everyone wants it to look as stylish and homely as possible. While it’s all very well having a stylish contemporary living room, it must also be practical and comfortable. In this article I will highlight a number of ways in which you can achieve a contemporary look for your living room.

Opt for a neutral colour scheme

The beauty of contemporary design is its minimalist nature, which is created by neutral colour schemes.  Your colour scheme should consist of neutral colours such as beige, white, black and brown. This will allow furnishings and accessories to create a more effective visual impact. For example, a white leather sofa with red accent pillows will create a striking visual effect.

Place an emphasis on geometric shapes

Squares and rectangles are two of the most frequently found shapes in a contemporary style living room, as are any shapes which consist of angular edges and straight lines. Circles are also common in contemporary style, where they are often used for mirrors and photo frames. Rectangles with round edges don’t work well with contemporary design, so avoid using this shape if you can.

Keep it light

If you look at most contemporary style living rooms, the majority of them with have a lot of light flowing in. Windows that allow a generous amount of sunlight to enter your living room at an angle are the best, and artificial lighting is just as important. Opt for lights that generate a bright white glow rather bulbs which generate a yellow-white glow. Spot lights are an excellent source of light and also lend themselves well to creating a minimalist contemporary look.

Make use of artwork

Large unconventional paintings are an important focal point in an otherwise neutral living room.  Many interior designers will include large wall art to serve as visual interest points or conversation pieces. Another idea is to use multiple pieces of wall art to make one large focal point. Make sure you don’t use too much artwork though as the beauty of contemporary design is in its minimalistic nature.

Add bursts of bright colour

While your base colour scheme should consist of neutral colours, bright accent colours and bold patterns will help to create an edgy contemporary look. Think of colours such as tangerine, lime green, bright yellow and fire engine red.

Invest in a glass coffee table

Glass is a relatively low key material which works extremely well in contemporary style living rooms. Because its glass, it can lend itself well to minimalistic décor, whereas a traditional wooden coffee table

could potentially clutter your living room. You can accessorize the glass coffee table with a modern vase that contains unconventional flowers. If you do opt for a glass coffee table, choose one that’s a square or perfectly round circle.

Choose a contemporary sofa

With such an array of sofa designs, materials and colours to choose from, choosing one for a contemporary style living room may seem like a tricky task. But it’s actually easier than choosing a sofa for a traditional style living room. Corner sofas are a great way to create a contemporary look and will eliminate the need for multiple sofas. A neutral leather sofa is probably the best option as this will lend itself to contemporary minimalism.

Author by-line:

This article was contributed by David at Thomas Lloyd Leather Sofas


Fabrics sold by the metre

Fabrics sold by the metre

Its all about watercolour florals

Hampton Court Flower Show – Design Inspiration

With Summer now well and truly here, and all the flowers in full bloom, it is once again that time of year where horticulturalists and flower-lovers across the country gather at the biggest flower event of the year – the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, first created in 1990, has become the world’s largest flower show celebrating all the beauty that nature has to offer, and the people who help nurture and support it. It is a yearly event giving keen gardeners a chance to see nature at its best, with plenty of inspiration, tips and tricks to ensure they are able to make the most of their own gardens at home.

It is set to run from Tuesday 8 July to Sunday 13 July, and I am sure this year will be even better, and brighter than the last.

In honour of this special summer occasion, we have taken inspiration from this prestigious flower show to bring you our new watercolour floral prints. Here at UK Curtains and Interiors, we have been championing watercolour prints in interior decor for some time now, and what better time of year to truly embrace this colourful trend and create an oasis of floral beauty in your own home!

Delicately painted floral patterns are perfect for creating splashes of colour in your home decor in a soft and contemporary way, without your fabrics feeling too heavy and cluttered. With a neutral background, these watercolour floral prints are extremely versatile, and are the perfect solution if you want to introduce colour into your home in a classic and elegant form.

Used in the living room, these prints will connect your home directly to the blossoming natural world outside. They are also the very essence of femininity and grace, and will look divine in any girl’s bedroom.

Have a look at our website for the full collection, and bring some flower power into your home decor.

by Annabel Keshishian


Fabrics sold by the metre

Fabrics sold by the metre

The Hamptons Coastal Chic

Hamptons Coastal Chic

In honour of our American friends Fourth of July celebrations, a holiday which sees many New Yorkers fleeing to the coastal surroundings of the Hamptons. We decided that we would dedicate today’s blog to explaining how you can get that Hamptons look in your own home.

The Hamptons Beach style comes from the Hamptons region of Long Island in New York, a popular holiday destination for the affluent and well-to-do. The style embodies the best of classic American decoration with rustic influences combined with coastal chic style.

The bad news is that the likelihood of any of us lesser mortals buying a holiday home in the Hamptons is slim to impossible. The good news however, is that decorating your home to incorporate the classic Hamptons Beach style is far easier and cheaper than you might think, and the style will never go out of fashion either.

If you are looking to incorporate this Hamptons style into your home, our first tip is to start with colour. This classic style is all about the light and natural, so stick with white and neutral coloured walls, and pair with rustic wood flooring with a sun-bleached effect. Linen upholstery looks casual but smart, and white wicker looks especially chic and summer-ready.

Invest in a few key pieces of furniture in natural shades. You can always change the look throughout the year with current accessories. Scour your local car boot sales, charity shops and antique shops for unique and distinctive furniture pieces. Not only will you get great furniture at a fraction of the cost, but it is so easy to give them some TLC. Simply sand down and re-paint in white or duck egg blue. You can also change the fixtures by sourcing new ones from a local hardware store.

It is also so easy to re-upholster furniture such as dining chairs – all you need is a staple gun and some quality linen fabrics. When it comes to soft furnishings such as cushions and curtains, bring some excitement with Hampton friendly patterns such as a French toil, checks and beachy stripes. Just remember to stick with a colour palette of blues, whites, greys and beiges to really make your home feel like the beach is just footsteps away.

The Hamptons beach style is all about balancing contemporary styles with rustic elements. Pair clean, neutral walls with natural wood elements and original features. Your aim is to have the ideal mix of clean-cut and contemporary, with rustic, slightly undone and imperfect elements.

Bring the outdoors in, and try to incorporate as many natural features as you can. Use plenty of indoor plants, and even driftwood for decoration. Collect shells and natural stones and use them as centrepieces for your tables displayed in glass jars, or antique bell jars.

Natural light is also an important feature in the classic Hamptons style, and light colours such as whites and neutrals can look drab and grey if there is not enough light to illuminate them. If you are lucky enough to have large windows, don’t overdress them with heavy curtains. Try using smart and simple blinds in a white or neutral colour, or use curtains in a sheer fabric to ensure your home receives as much natural light as possible.

Happy Fourth of July All!!

by Annabel Keshishian


Fabrics sold by the metre

Fabrics sold by the metre