Colour Wheel

Creating colour schemes using the colour wheel

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Colour Theory is the name given to the technique of using colour to create a specific type of ambience, mood or statement. The techniques incorporate matching, pairing and contrasting a variety of colours and are based on the colour wheel, which is a spectrum diagram tool designed to simplify the combining of colours. The colour wheel features primary colours (red, yellow and blue), secondary colours (green, purple and orange) and tertiary colours, which is what you get when you mix primary and secondary colours together.

The colour wheel is divided into two halves – cool and warm – and highlights tints, shades and tones of each colour around the circle. Applying simple matching techniques using a selection of recognised linear measurements allows you to explore how specific colours can work together within a colour scheme.

Harmonious, Contrasting and Split Complementary
Harmonious colours are those that work beautifully together to create a calming, relaxing and balanced environment. These are cool colour tints, shades and tones that blend well together and produce a soothing palette. To create a harmonious colour palette choose shades that are adjacent to each other on the colour wheel.

Colour scheme - Harmonious

Click to view these fabrics Palette Mineral, Mosaic Mineral, and Paola Mineral

Contrasting, also known as complementary colours are found at opposite sides of the colour wheel spectrum and are best used to create a vibrant look. Contrasting powerful shades of colour are perfect for lifting the mood and work well when combined with cool colours. Contrasting shades, tints and tones can be used to give your interior space a contemporary pop of fabulous colour without completely altering the overall colour scheme. Use contrasting colour in moderation to avoid a jarring colour scheme.

Split Complementary colours are made up of a selection of three choices from the colour wheel. The chosen base colour is paired with two complementary colours positioned on the opposite side of the colour wheel. This combination creates a stunning visual impact without overpowering or dominating. This colour scheme is ideal for home styling because it is easy to achieve a balance of colour and mood.

Colour scheme - Split Complementary

These fabrics are available on request, Albi Summer, Elodine Summer, Folia Summer, Maison Raspberry. Click image to view our fabric range.

Why not have a go at creating your own perfect colour scheme – order your free fabric samples from UK Curtains and Interiors.

By Anna Pink


Roman Blind in Lucido Antique

A guide to buying Made to Measure Roman Blinds.

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Choosing the right window treatment is not always an easy decision. Not only are there so many styles and fabrics to choose from, but if you throw an odd shaped window into the equation it becomes even more difficult. However, with a little bit of understanding and some style inspiration this decision can be an easy one. Here is our guide to buying the perfect Roman Blind.

Firstly set aside some time to understand what you want. Window dressing can be costly so you want to make the right decision. Is colour the most important aspect for you? It may be that your blinds need to fit into your already well decorated room. Or maybe your making your blind the show stopper in your home, in which case you can let your imagination run wild.

A Roman Blind should be looked upon as an investment. It is not the cheapest window treatment available but it is certainly the most stylish and the top choice amongst many interior designers. Roman Blinds, with their attractive soft folds, are also very easy to use.

So next, choose your fabric: At UK Curtain and Interiors we offer a free sample service which is quick and simple. Simply browse through our outstanding collection of fabrics and make a short list of your favourite ones. Select up to 6 free samples that we will promptly deliver to you so you can look at your choices at home.

Remember to look at the fabrics in the room or rooms you will be using them in, and at different times of day as the appearance can change depending on the lighting. A good idea is to pin the swatches to the wall and see which one fits your room. Take your time and gradually you will narrow down your choices and find the fabrics that’s right for you.

Next you need to measure your window for your blind. Click here to read our guide on how to measure to ensure you get this right. Once you have your measurements and have decided on your fabric the rest is easy. Simply visit our website and click on our Roman Blind section. Find your chosen fabric, click to select it and you will be taken to our Roman Blind calculator page.

Here you simply enter the measurements of your Roman Blind, your quote will instantly appear on screen and then it’s just a matter of clicking on the buy it now button, from here we will do the rest. Your Roman Blinds will be made to your specific requirements and will be delivered direct to your door within 14 days.

If you do have an odd shaped window or you need more than one blind this is not a problem. We are experienced at making blinds that match each other perfectly, and can even get around those awkward window spaces that our homes often have. Click here to watch our video highlighting the attention that goes into making your perfect Roman Blind.

Roman Blind Collection - Iona Design Featured

Roman Blind Collection – Iona Collection Featured

Remember if at any time you have a question or need some help with your order, you can talk to our customer service team on 0845 340 4433. We will be happy to take your order over the phone. If you are having trouble making a selection our design team will be happy to help and ensure you are making the right choice to suit you and your home.

By Louise Dawson

Click to visit Our Roman Blind Collection

Marsala - Pantone colour of the year 2015

Marsala – Pantone Colour of the Year 2015

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This year, earthy red tones are going to be big news in interiors and the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2015 fits this trend perfectly. Marsala – pantone 18-1438 – is an earthy luxurious wine red which is a great statement colour on its own and also works as an accent with many other colours, especially warm creams and naturals as well as blue tones. It looks particularly rich and super stylish when used within a harmonious colour scheme combined with deep grape and warm flesh tones.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at the Pantone Colour Institute,

Marsala is a subtly seductive shade that draws us in to its embracing warmth”

This tasteful sophisticated hue can be used to add elegance to any interior, whether it is used as paint, accessories or within a  fabric. Marsala’s richness is enhanced when it is used in textured surfaces making it a great colour for luxurious furnishing fabrics such as velvet and chenille.

Here are some of our favourite Marsala Fabrics available online from UK Curtains and Interiors:

Trellis Berry - click image to view and order your free sample

Trellis Berry – click to view


Trellis Berry is a classic small scale geometric weave with chenille highlights to add a touch of luxury.




Chatsworth Mulberry - click to view and order your free sample

Chatsworth Mulberry – click to view


Chatsworth Mulberry is a textured rib fabric with a tactile quality and an elegant sheen.




Palette Chintz - click to view

Palette Chintz – click to view


Palette new for 2015,is a fabulous printed velvet in a semi plain painterly design. The Chintz colourway shows off the Marsala hue beautifully.




Kew Rose - click to view and order your free sample

Kew Rose – click to view


Kew Rose is an elegant jacquard fabric featuring an allover leaf design with a subtle colour graded background

All of the above can be purchased as bespoke made to measure curtains, roman blinds or simply purchased by the metre.



Woburn Readymade Curtain in Red colourway - click to view

Woburn Readymade Curtain in Red colourway – click to view

If you want a quick update to incorporate the Marsala colour into your home, our Woburn Red readymade curtain, new for 2015, is a perfect choice. The curtain has co-ordinating cushion covers which are sold separately so you can purchase exactly what you need to create an on-trend interior without great expense.




Marsala is such a liveable interior colour that any furnishings you choose in this colour palette will remain stylish and on trend for years to come. Why not see how this gorgeous colour can work in your home by ordering some free swatches from UK Curtains and Interiors today.

By Louise Randle

Roman Blind Collection

Create a style statement with window dressing

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What is the best way to really show off your own personal home style, but not break the bank doing it? How can you make sure your home is really you, but have the freedom to change it when you feel like it? One solution is to dress your window with fabrics that will really make a style statement.

If you want to create a totally unique and stylish wow factor then do it with bespoke made to measure curtains and blinds in an eye catching design. By keeping the walls plain and simple and using curtains and accessories that really capture your style, you can keep your home looking up to date and be the envy of your friends and family.

Choose a fabric that suits your personality and don’t be scared to go for the wow factor with a bold design. At UK Curtains and Interiors we have a huge selection of fabrics to select from in a wide range of colours to suit every taste.

Paola Raspberry  - click image to view

Paola Raspberry – click image to view


A fabric such as Paola with its watercolour effect vertical stripes printed on a velvet ground is both strong and elegant and would certainly make an impact. Or the Palette design which utilises a mixture of hues in a textured semi plain would be equally striking.


Nerina Raspberry -click image to view

Nerina Raspberry -click image to view


Don’t forget our gorgeous Nerina fabric. This pattern is full of colour and light, and could be used to great effect on a statement window.



Imprint Mineral colourway - click image to view

Imprint Mineral colourway – click image to view

If you want to go for a modern look, try using geometric designs for your window treatments – our Imprint printed fabric in all its many colours has a movement to the design which makes it perfect for curtains.




Clarissa Berry Colourway

Clarissa Berry Colourway

The Clarissa embroidered design by contrast, has a timeless elegance to it that is both intriguing and beautiful, and the Gili, available in 6 colourways  is a versatile printed fabric which would look equally stunning as a curtain or a blind.

Gili Chambray Colourway

Gili Chambray Colourway






Statement windows can really make a room so take your time in choosing the colours and patterns that best suit your home and your personality, and enjoy the wow factor that your guests – and even you – will get every time they walk into the room. Your friends and family are guaranteed to be impressed  so point them in the direction of UK Curtains and Interiors where we have all the options you could possibly need to create your own statement window.

And when the season or your mood changes? Change the fabric!

By Lisamarie Lamb, UK Curtains and Interiors


Fifty Shades of Grey

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Well everyone seems to be talking about it so there’s no avoiding the subject…. this Valentine’s weekend sees the release of the much anticipated film “Fifty Shades of Grey”. In case you’re in the dark here, the film is an adaptation of the 2011 erotic novel by British author E. L. James, which follows the developing relationship between college graduate Anastasia Steele and business magnate Christian Grey.

So in honour of Mr Grey, portrayed by the rather lovely Jamie Dornan, our Valentine blog is all about our equally gorgeous range of grey and silver fabrics.

At UK Curtains and Interiors we have at least 50 Shades of Grey fabrics to choose from in a wide range of qualities including prints, weaves, embroidery, wool fabrics and sumptuous velvets; All available to purchase as Made to Measure Curtains, Roman Blinds or fabric by the metre.

Here are just some of our favourites…….

Alhambra Onyx - click image to view

Alhambra Onyx – click image to view

Alhambra is a striking embroidered geometric design on a natural look ground. It is available in 8 colourways, including the Onyx colourway shown here.



Shaftesbury Charcoal - click image to view

Shaftesbury Charcoal – click image to view

Shaftesbury is a sophisticated plain in 9 colourways. This ribbed fabric has subtle colour gradations and a beautiful sheen.




Ashridge Grey - click image to view

Ashridge Grey – click image to view

If you are looking for a plain, Ashridge along with Arlington are two of our most popular fabrics, both available in a wide colour range including shades of Charcoal, Silver and Grey of course.



Milan Pewter - click image to view

Milan Pewter – click image to view

Milan is a sumptuous velvet fabric in a Japanese inspired fretwork design available in 9 colourways.




Snakeskin Pewter - click image to view

Snakeskin Pewter – click image to view

Finally if you are looking for something a bit different, Snakeskin is a high performance sensual chenille fabric  with a gel printed reptile skin pattern, also suitable for contract end uses.




Grey is such an on trend colour  for interiors at the moment but if these fabrics are not quite what you are looking for, visit our website: to view our entire range where you can be sure to find your perfect Shade of Grey.

By Louise Randle, UK Curtains and Interiors

Make your own bespoke cushions in mixed patterns - click on the image to view our extensive fabric collection

How to Style your Cushions

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An unadorned sofa should be seen as an exciting opportunity to get creative – treat it like a blank canvas. Cushions are one of the less expensive items we use to furnish our interiors and a quick change here and there will mean your room will never become dated. Cushions are perfect for those of us who find making final decisions about home furnishing difficult as they can be changed easily at little cost. Here is a step by step guide to making the most of your cushions.

Golden rule number, always ensure your cushion pad is suitable for the cover. Take a little extra time to ensure those corners are pushed perfectly into position. Remember a flat lifeless cushion can make the most beautiful cushion covers look unappealing. Use a cushion pad that is bigger than your cover for an extra plumped up look.

Remember that your sofa is also used for sitting on so although you want it to look beautiful it also needs to be functional. Try using feather filled cushion pads. These not only make your sofa comfortable but will also keep your cushions looking their best.

When it comes to grouping cushions together never be afraid to mix it up. An eclectic combination of different fabrics, colours and textures will truly bring your sofa to life.

Gone are the days when a sofa would include 2 matching cushions placed at an angle in each corner. Instead, add interest by using cushions of different sizes and textures, placing larger cushions at the back and smaller sized cushions in different but complementary designs at the front. Introduce different shaped cushions; Try using a smaller rectangular design, or a round cushion at the front of your arrangement.

One last suggestion – keep mixing them up. As the seasons change so can your cushions. This doesn’t mean you have to throw them out, just change them around and add a couple of new designs to create seasonal fashionable style.

This philosophy doesn’t just lend itself to your sofa, for the bedrooms the same rules apply.

childrens cushions

Create a dream bedroom for your children – click on the image above to view our great range of children’s fabrics.

mixed cushions

Fabulous cushions using fabrics from the Artiste Collection – click on the image above to view these fabrics.


Check out our cushions and fabrics ranges at UK Curtains and Interiors and get creative with your cushion styling.

If you are not happy with the arrangement just keep re-styling until you get it right.

By Louise Dawson, UK Curtains and Interiors

Tabitha Bedding from Charlotte Thomas

Charlotte Thomas Bedding at UK Curtains and Interiors

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At UK Curtains and Interiors one of the brands we are particularly proud to offer is Charlotte Thomas Bedding.

Charlotte Thomas products are sumptuous and beautifully designed in the UK. With a wide range of bed linen products and accessories to choose from, this elegant bedding brand uses only luxurious quality 180 thread count percale polycotton, to really enhance your bedroom. This  luxurious quintessentially English brand is becoming  more recognizable, offering elegant and luxurious bedding for homes of the discerning customer.

Design is at the very heart of Charlotte Thomas which is a classically English concept. Inspiration is taken from the traditional heritage of English design, with an added  modern-day twist.  The result is a collection which is timeless and beautiful.

The attention to detail is meticulous, from the choice of fabric, stitching, and every detail of how the finished product is made. The reason Charlotte Thomas do this?  Because they know their customers spend hours every day with their products, and they want to make sure they have a wonderful experience.

Here are just some of our favorites from this exquisite brand:

Click on the image to view the Lilia bedding collection

The Lilia Bedding Collection from Charlotte Thomas – click image to view

Valencia Bedding from Charlotte Thomas - click on the image to view

Valencia Bedding from Charlotte Thomas – click on the image to view

Visit our website now to see our entire bedding range and more.

By Louise Dawson, UK Curtains and Interiors



The Accent Collection

New for 2015 – Poppy Pod, Zag Zig and Dandelion Prints

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UK Curtains and Interiors have just launched three printed fabrics from the Prestigious Textiles Accent Collection. Poppy Pod, Zag Zig and Dandelion are co-ordinating designs  printed on 100% cotton ground in 5 contemporary colourways. With vibrant motifs on a neutral coloured base, these prints will make a real statement in your home.

The designs have a modern Scandinavian feel with the Poppy Pod and Dandelion designs featuring a repetition of stylised botanical motifs. The complementary Zag Zig fabric is an on trend multicolour chevron design.

Click on the image to view these designs: Poppy Pod, Zag Zig and Dandelion

Click on the image to view these designs: Poppy Pod, Zag Zig and Dandelion

All designs are available in the following colourways:

Firefly is a hot bold colourway featuring strong red and burgundy motifs with soft grey and green accents.

Amber is a contemporary burnt orange and charcoal colourway

Saffron has a retro feel with mustard and grey tones

Eucalyptus  is a softer colourway with olive green and natural motifs

Colonial features motifs in teal and inky blues

These prints look fabulous against a plain white backdrop and can be effortlessly mixed and matched to create your perfect Retro interior.

With 5 fabulous colours to choose from you may find it difficult to choose your favourite, so order swatches from our website and see how the colours work in your room. All 3 fabrics are available as Made to Measure Curtains and Roman Blinds with optional co-ordinating cushions and tie backs. The fabric is also available to purchase by the metre.

Posted by Louise Randle, UK Curtains and Interiors


Cobalt Blue & Yellow

Colour Combination of the Month – Cobalt Blue and Yellow

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Welcome to a new year of colour inspiration at UK Curtains and Interiors. This month, we are dedicating our January colour blog to an exciting colour combination – Cobalt Blue and Yellow.

We first started talking about Cobalt Blue in Spring 2014 when it featured as a strong colour at London Fashion Week. (Click here to see last years Cobalt Blue blog) It is now filtering through as a trend for interiors from fabrics through to accessories.

Cobalt Blue is a real statement colour which will instantly refresh a tired scheme. Teaming Cobalt Blue with shades of uplifting sunshine yellow or yellow greens creates a really striking colour scheme. Using these strong primary colours in combination will bring life and vitality to any interior.

At UK Curtains and Interiors we are staying ahead of the game and already reviewed our made to measure fabric range to ensure we have products that reflect this vibrant look. We love the Paolo, Mosaic and Nerina printed velvet fabrics in the striking Mineral colourway which features cobalt blue teamed with yellow greens and aqua on a neutral ground.

Paola, Mosaic, Nerina Designs

Click the image above to view these designs Paola Mineral, Mosaic Mineral, Nerina Mineral

These fabulous designs are also available in a number of other colourways. If you are not sure about using such bold pattern in your interior, we also have a great selection of plain fabrics to introduce these colours into your room. Using areas of solid contrasting colours adjacent to each another, especially bright primary colours is another key trend for interiors in 2015. Be sure to use white with the scheme to balance the look.

Colour Blocking your Interiors

Click the image for more information on Colour Blocking your Interiors

So why not start off your year with a new decorating project and liven up your interior…perhaps with Optimistic Blue and Yellow. Order your free fabric samples at UK Curtains and Interiors.

By Louise Randle

Fairmont Collection

Introducing the Fairmont Collection from Clarke and Clarke

We here at UK Curtains and Interiors would like to introduce the new Angus, Argyle and Kellie designs from Clarke and Clarke’s Fairmont Collection to our made to measure curtain, roman blinds and fabric by the meter range. These dual purpose fabrics are available in 5 classic colour groups: Charcoal, Denim, Duck Egg, Raspberry & Taupe.

The stunning Kellie design is an intricate exotic bird and floral toile print on a linen ground. This fabric also contains viscose which makes it perfect for drapery and is available in 3 colourways – Charcoal, Denim and Raspberry.

Kellie Design

Kellie Design in Charcoal, Denim and Raspberry

Argyle Denim

Argyle Denim

Argyle is a simple classic herringbone fabric suitable for both upholstery and drapery and the final design in the group, Angus, is a textured semi plain. These designs are both woven with space dyed yarns which create a unique marled shading effect in the fabric.

They perfectly complement the Kellie print with their 5 co-ordinating colours of Charcoal, Denim, Duck Egg, Natural and Taupe


Angus Denim

Angus Denim

   The Argyle and Angus fabrics have high abrasion resistance with a blend of viscose, linen and cotton fibre so are great for upholstery.

These fabulous linen blend fabrics are also available to purchase by the metre for your own projects. View the full range of colourways and order your free swatches at UK Curtains and Interiors.



By Louise Randle