Keep Cool This Summer With Our Linen Furnishing Fabrics

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Linen is the ideal and essential Summer fabric. When the sun is shining at its brightest and hottest, keeping cool can be a difficult task, but wearing linen clothes helps out by allowing our skin to breathe. It doesn’t stick and it doesn’t cling, and best of all it looks fresh and crisp and exceedingly chic. Style with linen and you won’t regret it, especially when it’s hot, humid out there.

If all this applies to our clothing, then why not take the same approach when it comes to your interior home décor? Natural looking linen fabrics can make a huge difference and bring the light, summery, cheerful feeling of long, carefree days into the home.

These fabrics are made of natural flax fibres, and they bring a stylish yet rustic look to your rooms. It’s serene, and it’s cool. Still got those dark and heavy winter fabrics on display? It’s time to swap them over for linen and linen blend – you’ll love the difference, and you will immediately feel more comfortable.

If you’re searching for the perfect linen furnishing fabric, look no further than UK Curtains and Interiors. We’ve got the perfect choice of woven, printed and embroidered linen and linen blend fabrics to give your home the summer makeover it deserves.

There’s our 100% linen Stockholm fabric, a big, bold check in a number of different colours that is perfect for a Scandinavian look – try simple unlined curtains in this design; Or the Ogee embroidered fabric, a mix of 70% viscose and 30% linen, in soft muted tones. If you are looking for a plain linen fabric in a wide range of colours, check out Belgraviadaffodil, coral, putty, ocean, teal, and fuchsia are just some of the fantastic shades available in this versatile plain.

Stockholm Sage Fabric

Click to view Our Stockholm Sage Fabric

Ogee Citrus Fabric

Click to view Our Ogee Citrus Fabric

Belgravia Paprika Fabric

Click to view Our Belgravia Paprika Fabric






Ferndale Raspberry Fabric

Click to view Our Ferndale Raspberry Fabric

Want something totally different yet natural and organic in its construction and its pattern? Our gorgeous Ferndale woven fabric is a blend of 55% linen and 45% rayon featuring a striking fern leaf jacquard pattern that would make really eye-catching curtains. The fabric is also suitable for upholstery.





We have plenty more options to choose from including Hanna, Linden, Darwen and Kellie fabrics, which can each be made up into curtains or blinds to your exact specifications.

Hanna Raspberry Fabric

Click to view Our Hanna Raspberry Fabric

Linden Apple Fabric

Click to view Our Linden Apple Fabric








Darwen Vintage Blue Fabric

Click to view Our Darwen Vintage Blue Fabric

Kellie Raspberry Fabric

Click to view Our Kellie Raspberry Fabric








Whatever you choose you will be able to brighten up your home quickly and easily with UK Curtains and Interiors, keeping you cool, calm, and comfortable this summer no matter what the temperature.

By Lisamarie Lamb

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Made to Measure Cushions for comfort

Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer

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It’s that time of year again; the time of year when everyone bemoans the fact that they didn’t think about their outdoor space before barbecue season… they didn’t work out just how to make it stand out from the other patios and lawns in the area… they didn’t realise how to maximise the space however small it might be.

Now is the perfect time to get your outdoor space ready for the summer – no matter what the size, no matter where the sun sets in relation to it or if  you’re overlooked by the neighbours (good, we say, let’s show them what a bit of planning and some exterior design can really do). This year, why not make your garden your own (without having to get your hands dirty or your thumbs particularly green) by creating your very own gorgeous seating areas for your family, friends, or even just yourself? It’s not as hard as it sounds, and with UK Curtains and Interiors to guide you, we are sure it will be a success.

Hard lawn chairs are a terrible summer strain on backs and bottoms, so before your guests start twisting and turning and leaving early, think about investing in cushions or seat pads to make your garden furniture super comfortable. Or get creative and make comfy, stylish bespoke cushions with our fantastic fabrics. And those marvellously creative cushions don’t have to be just for chairs either. There is nothing more summery than a scattering of large floor cushions strewn around the garden to recline upon and soak up the sun’s rays, and for children’s parties these are perfect!

Mix and Match Made to Measure Cushions

Click image to view Our Fabric Range and choose your ideal Made to Measure Cushion Fabric

To introduce our made to measure cushions service, we are running a fabulous offer on all made to measure cushion covers – buy 3 cushion covers in the same fabric (style, any size) and we will give you a 4th absolutely FREE ! Choose from literally thousands of options from our fabrics range and then simply call us on 0845 340 4433 for a quote and to place your order.

Made to Measure Promotion

Click image to view our Fabric Range and choose your ideal Made to Measure Cushion Fabric

If you want to get some bespoke cushions made for your outdoor space but just don’t know where to start, give the UK Curtains and Interiors  design team a call to help advise on how to make your summer outdoor space perfect for you.

By Lisamarie Lamb

Upcycled Interior - image from Indulgy

Revamp Your Home With Upcycling

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Upcycling – taking old furniture and giving it a new lease of life which is often better than the original – is all the rage, but this is one fad that we think has staying power. In this age of austerity, it isn’t always possible to buy new pieces when our old chairs and sofas have given all they’ve got, but the desire to furnish our homes with ‘nice things’ has never left us.

So to satisfy both our wallets and the aesthetic appeal of our homes, upcycling is the way to go.

Upcycled Upholstered Headboard - Image from SincerelySarad

Upcycled Upholstered Headboard – Image from SincerelySarad
Click image to view our Fabric Range

Just by re-upholstering a chair with eye catching fabric, or re-covering a cushion with some cool patterns, you can change the look of your home for a fraction of the cost of buying new. And at UK Curtains and Interiors we’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to buying material by the metre; whether you want floral designs, bold striking geometric shapes, blocks of colour, or more muted, retro chic, you will find it in our fabrics range.


What about using your old curtains to give your dining furniture a change of look? It’s better than throwing them out, and will save you money; you’ll be able to buy new ones from UK Curtains and Interiors and waste nothing in the process! Why not take a look at our Made to Measure Curtains section for further ideas.


Or how about taking those old cushion covers and creating a patchwork headboard? Stich them together, using foam for padding, and voila! Your bedroom will look chic and classy, and all for a few pennies rather than pounds.

Cushion Covers Upcycled Headboard - Image from Woohome

Cushion Covers Upcycled Headboard – Image from Woohome
Click image to view Our Cushion Range

Or you could even purchase some material and recover your old lampshades and lighting – think of the difference it could make!

Upcycled lamps from Sarahmdorseydesigns

Upcycled lamps from Sarahmdorseydesigns; Click image to view our Fabric range

There are hundreds of upcycling projects that you could try, each one either free or very cheap, each one able to give your home the lift it needs. Take a look at our Pinterest page for more ideas.

Send us pictures of your fantastic interior projects on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest; We can’t wait to see how you create a new home from your old things. And don’t forget, we’re here for any fabric needs you might have!

Article by Lisemarie Lamb

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Experiment With Colour for your next Interior Project

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Did you realise that you are subconsciously gathering colour palettes around you every day? Every time you go shopping, every time you choose your clothes, even down to spotting what looks like the perfect photo opportunity or meal… Almost every choice you make is down to the colours that you are naturally draw to. Don’t believe it? Next time you have to choose between, say, chocolate or strawberry ice cream, have a think afterwards about the things you’ve seen, places you’ve been, and the colours that have been there. You’ll be surprised at the results.

The fun, exciting thing about this subconscious collecting of colour is that it only becomes apparent at a later date. Your mind is telling you what it needs you to know in order to work out what colours will work best in your home, your clothing, and every other aspect of your life. We’ve already talked about how important colours are to creating the right mood, so why wouldn’t your brain point you in the direction of the colours that match what it’s going through?

In trying to work out exactly how your colour choices are coming together, try this experiment in your day to day life. The first thing to do is to try and spot themes developing and be aware of the subconscious decisions you are making about colour. Pinterest is great for this – start your own pinterest page and collate images on boards – see if you can see any common colours emerging in the images you have pinned. When you know how your colour palettes work and you’ve discovered what colours work well together through this, that’s when you can add the conscious decision making to the unconscious choices, and really make those ideas work in your home. Even if it’s a fabric you would never have considered before!

Another fabulous way to play with colour is to try the ones you’re not naturally drawn to. It sounds totally wrong, but it does work. Not only will it contrast wonderfully with the colours you do like, but you might just see those previously hated hues in a new light. On the right wall, in the right room, with the right décor and accessories, you might just fall in love with a colour you never expected even to like. Try it!

Want to really get your personality across in a colour scheme? Just use the one hue… What’s your favourite? Purple? Blue? Green?  Whatever it is, your chosen colour doesn’t come in just one shade. There are thousands of different variations of your favourite colour out there, and by just tweaking the hue you can discover an abundance of different shades.

The great thing about the UK Curtains and Interiors online shop is that you can filter the fabric options by colour group so once you have homed in on a colour scheme you can view all fabrics we offer in that colour palette – this will help you narrow down your choice. Order up to 6 free samples to help you make a final decision and if you still feel the fabric is not quite right why not ask one of our designers for advice.

Fabrics Colour Filtering

Click image to visit Our Fabric Range where you can filter by Colour, Design, Fabric Type and Brand.

Take the stress out of choosing fabric and enjoy experimenting with colour in your home!

By Lisamarie

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Don’t forget about our Summer Sale, click image to visit our website.
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Yellow and Grey Montage final

Our July Colour Story of the Month – Yellow and Grey

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This year Pantone, the world authority on colour, presented “Custard Yellow” as a key colour for 2015. This shade of yellow is mellow and warm and will instantly put you in a good mood.

Grey is warm yet cool, graceful and eternally modern. Grey sits in any palette and is also the perfect backdrop for any scheme

Fabric designs featuring combinations of Soft Yellows, Grey and off white or cream are ideal for creating an elegant interior space that will be absolutely on trend this summer. Adding pops of yellow to an otherwise fairly neutral grey scheme, will bring radiance and energy into your room.

The Ersilia and Nerina designs from Clarke and Clarke in our opinion, are the perfect furnishing fabrics for this look. Digitally printed onto a velvet ground, these watercolour florals are elegant and timeless and suitable for curtains, roman blinds, cushions (the larger the better) or even upholstery. Why not cover an occasional chair with Ersilia Chartreuse or one of the other designs from the Artiste Collection to make a real statement.

Click to view Ersilia, Mosaic, Palette, and Nerina

Click to view Ersilia, Mosaic, Palette, and Nerina in Chartreuse colourway

Keep the rest of the furniture plain to add contrast and avoid pattern overload. Balance the look with plain or textured fabrics in yellow and grey, picking out the key hues from the feature design and don’t be afraid to add different patterns in smaller quantities to make your scheme really unique.

If you are worried about committing to fabric designs featuring this colour combination as the main focus or your scheme or don’t want patterned curtains, thinking you may tire of it or that it will date, use grey as your key colour using various shades for the difficult to change elements, in your room – furniture, walls, and sofas for example. You can then introduce yellow as the accent colour with hard and soft accessories such as vases and cushions, fresh flowers and even occasional chairs or a roman blind.

Open Plan Living Area with Yellow accents

Image from

A neutral scheme with a touch of yellow

Image from

Then, when you are ready for a new look it will be relatively quick easy to change the accent colour and create a brand new scheme. You don’t have to spend a fortune either – browse thrift shops and second hand websites for accessories in your chosen accent colour and invest your money in a small quantity of beautiful fabric. Scatter cushions are quick and easy to make with just a couple of metres of fabric. Roman blinds also require far less fabric than a curtain. Take a look at our made to measure roman blinds and see how competitive our prices are.

Whatever fabrics you decide on and however you use them, a Grey and Yellow interior will be sure to impress. Visit UK Curtains and Interiors for more inspiration.

By Louise Randle

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show interior inspiration

Floral Inspiration from the Hampton Court Flower Show

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Summer is here and next week flower lovers and horticulturists from across the country will be gathering at the largest flower event of the year – the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.

The show runs from Tuesday 30th June until the 5th July and this year is made up of 3 themed zones – Grow, Feast and Inspire – to guide visitors around the showground.

This annual event provides plenty of tips and inspiration for the amateur and professional gardener alike to make the best of their own gardens or outdoor space.

There is a wealth of interior design inspiration in a garden. Study the colours and colour combinations of the flora and fauna to find ideas for your interior scheme and then browse the UK Curtains and Interiors selection of fabrics from the comfort or your home (or garden!)

Looking for a fabric with a floral design? Use the Colour, Design and Fabric filters on our easy to use site to find exactly what you are looking for; From the painterly Ersilia from Clarke and Clarke and the abstract style of Prestigious Textiles Marsella to the delicate Ophelia embroidered floral and the beautifully drawn Darwen and Alicia printed fabrics, the choice is yours.

Click to view Our Ersilia Damson Fabric

Click image to view Our Ersilia Damson Fabric

Click to view Our Marsella Antique Fabric

Click image to view Our Marsella Antique Fabric

Click to view Our Ophelia Rose Fabric

Click image to view Our Ophelia Rose Fabric






Click to view Our Darwen Mimosa Fabric

Click image to view Our Darwen Mimosa Fabric

Click to view Our Alicia Vintage Fabric

Click image to view Our Alicia Vintage Fabric






Leaf designs range from the stylised Clarendon woven fabric to the delicate leaf trail of the Tamiko woven fabric, all available to purchase by the metre or as made to measure curtains, roman blinds and accessories.

Click to view Our Clarendon Gold Fabric

Click image to view Our Clarendon Gold Fabric

Click to view Our Tamiko Red Fabric

Click image to view Our Tamiko Red Fabric






There are many many more printed, woven and embroidered fabrics to choose from so why not take inspiration from the Hampton Court Flower Show and bring the outdoors in this summer with floral fabrics from UK Curtains and Interiors.

By Louise Randle

Home Office Desk Country

Create A Home Office

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Working from home is the ultimate dream and goal for many – no more rush hour, no more 9 to 5 grind, no more worry. Of course, in reality working from home can sometimes be just as hard, if not harder, than travelling to an office each day because of the many distractions that lay in wait there… Household chores, the TV, that sunny spot in the garden… But what if you could make your home office so comfortable and  ‘distraction proof’ that you could get everything done? What if that meant you had more time to do those chores, watch that TV, soak up that sun?

You can!

By utilising what you already have, and bringing out its best with clever designs, gorgeous fabrics, and stylish patterns and colours, you can have the best of both worlds. You’re working, but you’re in the most relaxing place on earth.

Green Office Window

Image from














1)  Desk Placement

Working with the Blues

Image taken from

You probably have two choices here – you’ll either have a desk with a view or you won’t. Be honest with yourself; is that view too good to allow you to get your head down to work? Or will it inspire you to great things? If it’s the former, then you’ll want to place your desk in front of a plain wall. And when we say plain, we don’t necessarily mean a blank white space; use some colour (what about navy?) to liven things up but keep them professionally calm as well. And if it’s the latter, then why not spruce up that window frame itself? Treat yourself to some patterned curtains or blinds, and don’t put anything on the windowsill – the view should be enough.


Simple Office Space

Click to view our Fabric Range, to make your own cushion. Fabrics shown are Lucienne, Carnival, & Spirit


2)  Your Chair

How long are you going to be sitting at that perfectly placed desk? Four hours? Five? Eight? Perhaps more? You need it to be comfortable. If space is at a premium, then rather than investing in a large chair, perhaps a comfy cushion could be the way to go. You could even make it yourself, ensuring that it is totally unique and perfectly you.



3)  Partitioning

You may not have much room for your home office. Not everyone has a spare room to utilise, and if that’s the case then you might want to partition your office away from the rest of the room you are using. That’s especially important if you are based in your bedroom, as you’ll need to be able to switch off – yourself and the laptop – when you go to sleep or simply want to chill out. Partitioning with a curtain is a great way to do it; it doesn’t cost a lot, maximises space (no doors to contend with), and means that you won’t feel shut in when you are at work.

4)  Use The Walls

Your desk needs to be as clear as possible if you are to really engage in your work. A cluttered desk, as they say, is a cluttered mind, and no one wants that. So in order to keep your desk as clear as your head, buy or make a pin-board for the wall – this is where you can keep all of your important appointments and information, and you can make it as funky as you like. Perfect!

Small Home Office

Image from
Use your walls for inspiration.

Pinboard Idea for Home Office

Image from
Make your own pin-board.










By Lisamarie Lamb

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Fabrics For Princesses

Fabrics fit for a Princess

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What a delight it was to see the latest pictures of Princess Charlotte with her brother Prince George, taken by their mother the Duchess of Cambridge. The images capture a very special moment for proud parents William and Kate.

Princess Charlotte was born on the 2nd May 2015 and although her parents are keen to keep her out of the spotlight for now, the nation at large has been eagerly awaiting further pictures of the latest addition to the Royal family.

The Duchess’ beautiful portraits do not disappoint and to celebrate the arrival of this very special baby we are sharing some of our favourite pretty and feminine fabrics, perfect for creating a delightful environment for a little girl.

There is so much more choice nowadays when it comes to decorating a room for a new baby or young child. Don’t think you have to look just at children’s fabrics. Decide on your colour scheme and the look you want to create – whether that is pretty and dainty, simple and modern or feminine and floral.

At UK Curtains and Interiors, we have a great selection of floral prints from on trend vintage inspired designs to cute little ditsy motifs including our Matilda and Elenor fabrics and larger scale painterly trails such as our Romantic design in duck egg.

Click to view Our Elenor Raspberry Fabric

Click to view Our Elenor Raspberry Fabric

Click to view Our Matilda Pink Fabric

Click to view Our Matilda Pink Fabric

Click to view Our Romantic Duck Egg Fabric

Click to view Our Romantic Duck Egg Fabric






Of course, feminine does not have to mean floral. Our latest wool look woven check fabrics are available in soft contemporary colours – the Harris design in the Sorbet colourway and Aspen in Raspberry are two of our favourites with the use of colour giving a totally different look to these check fabrics.

Click to view Our Harris Sorbet Fabric

Click to view Our Harris Sorbet Fabric

Click to view Our Aspen Raspberry Fabric

Click to view Our Aspen Raspberry Fabric






Simple geometric designs such as polka dots in soft colours are great for a children’s bedroom and will have more longevity than a fabric designed specifically for children. Our Polka, and Balmoral stripe (in pink of course) are perfect for an understated simple scheme which will stand the test of time.

Click to view Our Polka Heather Fabric

Click to view Our Polka Heather Fabric

Click to view Our Balmoral Pink Fabric

Click to view Our Balmoral Pink Fabric






Novelty designs are a fun option for children and would be great for a playroom or bedroom alike. Our Kitty design from Clarke and Clarke is playful and feminine, featuring cat silhouettes and vintage floral patterns in pink and aqua colours. If you want to go all out patriotic after the birth of Princess Charlotte, the Vintage Flag printed fabric features a decorative bunting design in a pastel colour palette

Click to view Our Kitty Raspberry Fabric

Click to view Our Kitty Raspberry Fabric

Click to view Our Vintage Flag Pink Fabric

Click to view Our Vintage Flag Pink Fabric






Are you in the process of choosing fabrics for your baby girl’s room? Then why not visit our online shop at UK Curtains and Interiors where you can be sure to find the perfect fabric for your little Princess, or call our design team for help and advice on 0845 340 4433.

By Louise Randle

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Monochrome Montage

Our Colour Trend of the Month – Monochrome

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Another trend we have been seeing in the Interiors market recently is the monochrome black and white colour story, which according to forecasting agency Trend Pulse continues to be a key look in major London, Paris and New York stores.

Look out for a mix of bold geometrics, graphic prints, and softer less rigid textural patterns and motifs worked across decorative accessories, china and furniture as well as soft goods and textiles where embroidered and velvet fabrics add luxurious surface interest.

Using a monochromatic colour scheme is perfect if you’re looking to make a statement in your home but just don’t have the confidence with colour. In choosing a black and white colour scheme for your interior, there is little chance of going wrong and best of all, it won’t date.

It’s easy to create a monochrome scheme – start by investing in soft furnishings in the black, white and silver colour area – perhaps some striking readymade curtains, such as the Eltham art deco inspired design from UK Curtains and Interiors, or mix and match patterned and plain cushions from our great selection to provide a quick and easy update.

Click to view Our Eltham Black Readymade Curtains

Click to view Our Eltham Black Readymade Curtains

A monochromatic scheme can be applied to any room in the house. For bedrooms, choose crisp white bedlinen such as our Boutique collection and add cushions, throws and accessories in black and silver for hotel inspired luxe.

Click to view Our Botique White Bedding

Click to view Our Botique White Bedding

Black and White can also work well in children’s bedrooms. Get creative and spray paint decorative objects or furniture in black and white to fit in with your scheme. For younger children, add kids decorative accessories and soft toys in the monochrome palette to create a more playful feel. Black and white can even be used in a nursery. Research has shown that in the first 3 months, a newborn baby sees primarily in shades of grey, white and black so a monochromatic scheme with contrasting shapes and patterns in these colours will create a visually stimulating environment.

When creating your monochrome interior, without having to worry too much about creating colour harmony, you can really focus on pattern and texture when making your fabric choices. UK Curtains and Interiors have a fabulous range of furnishing fabrics in the Monochrome area including graphic prints such as Rose Garden with its sketched botanical design, and embroidered fabrics including the geometric Hopscotch design in Ebony and our Jacobean inspired floral Amira.

Click to view Our Amira Ebony Fabric

Click to view Our Amira Ebony Fabric

Click to view Our Hopscotch Ebony Fabric

Click to view Our Hopscotch Ebony Fabric

Click to view Our Rose Garden Black & White Fabric

Click to view Our Rose Garden Black & White Fabric







Velvet and Chenille fabrics are great for texture and our Aston woven fabric is a striking contemporary leaf design with chenille elements. Velvet fabrics such as the elegant Como design in Ebony with it’s traditional floral scroll pattern will add a luxurious feel. If you are looking for a plain or semi plain texture in this colour area, our range includes satins, weave textures, velvets, chenille, rib fabrics and wool look crepe weaves.

Click to view Our Aston Ebony Fabric

Click to view Our Aston Ebony Fabric

Click to view Our Como Ebony Fabric

Click to view Our Como Ebony Fabric






Monochromatic schemes have longevity in terms of being on trend but if you do grow tired of your design, by adding touches of bright colour with cushions and other accessories and re-arranging the room you can create a fresh look with little cost.

By Louise Randle

UK Curtains and interiors new home page

Welcome to our New Look Website

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We have some exciting news at UK Curtains and Interiors this week – our new look website has just been launched and is now easier to use than ever.

With its re-styled layout and navigation drop down menus you can see straightaway what we have to offer. We have taken on board comments from our customers and made our pages easier to navigate so you can find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

UK Curtains and Interiors drop down navigation

We now have a new drop down navigation filter to make finding your perfect fabric that much easier. Click image to visit our website.

Searching for specific type of fabric couldn’t be easier, – simply click the tick boxes to filter products by Colour, Fabric and Design to narrow down your options.

UK Curtains and interiors website product filtering

It’s even easier to search for your perfect fabric, simply click the tick box next to the specifications you require and your matches will come up instantly. Click the image to view our Fabric Range

We’re also going to be introducing additional filters so you can filter products by well-known brands such as Prestigious Textiles, Belfield and Clarke and Clarke.

Best of all, our website is now mobile and tablet friendly so you can browse and shop anywhere and any-time.

Our blogs are packed full of inspiration and advice with information about our products, new interior trends and useful hints and tips. Click here to view our previous post.

To celebrate the launch we’re currently running a great offer – up to 20% all of our products until the end of May.

We’d love to know what you think of our new look website so do get in touch:

By email:

or phone: 0845 340 4433

Happy Shopping!

By Louise Randle